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Subtitling for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing People

Subtitling is the process of converting the dialogues of video production into text that is displayed on a television screen

Subtitles are textual versions of the dialogue in films and television programmes, usually displayed at the bottom of the screen. They can either be a form of written translation of a dialogue in a foreign language or a written rendering of the dialogue in the same language. Subtitling is more than words on the screen and it involves much more than simply translating words from one language to another. They provide subtitles in .SRT, .SUB, .IDX and many more.Subtitling Services:Offered in various media formats like vhs, Beta, film & DVD .SDH can be intralingual (within the same language) or interlingual (between two languages).

SDH, subtitles can be pre-recorded or live (e.g. news, live events and shows). The group of SDH recipients is very diverse. It includes the”deaf” using oral language in their communication, the “Deaf” who use sign language as their first language, and the “hard of hearing” who have residual hearing.

Different groups of people with hearing impairments have different needs. They depend on whether a viewer is deaf or hard of hearing, pre-lingually or post-lingually deaf, deaf using sign language or oral language, deafened with residual hearing and / or hearing memory

Apple original ‘CODA’ will be the first ever feature film to include burned in subtitles in all theaters

CODA, short for Children of Deaf Adults, follows the story of Ruby (Emilia Jones) as the only hearing member of her family as she looks to break away from the family’s fishing business in order to pursue a passion for singing. The movie is an English remake of a French-language film ‘La Famille Bélier’.

Netflix announces slew of new accessibility features, ramps up audio descriptions and subtitling

Netflix will beef up its audio descriptions (AD) and subtitles for deaf and hard of hearing (SDH) offerings in more languages, including French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Korean.Netflix’s closed captioning, subtitles for SDH, and AD are powerful tools designed to help make television shows and films more accessible to people with disabilities. The features have become integral parts of how people from all walks of life consume content and Netflix plans to give subscribers more of what they want.

How Subtitles are made

History of Subtitling

The first Film subtitles: Intertitles in Uncle Tom’s Cabin

The first films, shot in France in the late 1800s, were silent, totally devoid of music or dialogue. There were no words in films — only moving, black and white images.

But as advancements in motion pictures continued, by 1903 Edwin Porter’s famous rendition of Uncle Tom’s Cabin came along. Based on Harriet Beecher Stowe’s novel of the same title that swept the nation, the film was innovative in several capacities. In particular, its use of intertitles paved the way for what would become subtitles in the future

Subtitles exist in two forms; open subtitles are 'open to all' and cannot be turned off by the viewer; closed subtitles are designed for a certain group of viewers, and can usually be turned on/off or selected by the viewer – examples being teletext pages

While distributing content, subtitles can appear in one of 3 types:

Hard (also known as hardsubs or open subtitles). The subtitle text is irreversibly merged in original video frames, and so no special equipment or software is required for playback. However, these subtitles cannot be turned off unless the original video is also included in the distribution as they are now part of the original frame, and thus it is impossible to have several variants of subtitling, such as in multiple languages.

Prerendered (also known as closed) subtitles are separate video frames that are overlaid on the original video stream while playing. Prerendered subtitles are used on DVD and Blu-ray (though they are contained in the same file as the video stream). It is possible to turn them off or have multiple language subtitles and switch among them.

Soft (also known as softsubs or closed subtitles) are, like closed captions, separate instructions, usually a specially marked up text with time stamps to be optionally displayed during playback. It requires player support and, moreover, there are multiple incompatible subtitle file formats, but enables greater versatility in post production.

Magazine for the deaf community (BBC Sea Hear) (

Example of a film accessible to people with hearing impairments and visual impairments (

Some Subtitling Companies in India


Lionbridge is one of the biggest LSPs (Language Service Providers) in the world. Headquartered in the US, they have offices around the world and in India.

They only offer services to companies. So if you’re looking to translate your personal documents, they are not the right supplier for you.

They offer multiple and various types of services grouped into four main categories:

  • Content Services

  • Translation Services

  • Testing Services

  • AI Services

In each of these categories, there are several services to select from, depending upon the actual demand of the clients. They work with 200+ languages and have sales and project executives around the world.

Milestone Localization

Milestone Localization is certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for having in place strong security of information and quality management systems for “End to end translation and localization services.”

Services offered by Milestone Localization include:

Operating in various industries, like Legal, Gaming, E-Commerce, Media & Entertainment, Advertising, Marketing, PR, Automotive, Financial Services, Government, and Healthcare, they continue to play a relevant role in the language industry.

No matter where you’re located and no matter where you’re looking to grow, Milestone Localization is ready to work alongside you to make every Milestone successful.

We work on projects of all sizes- from a single-page document to a large eCommerce website.


It’s the largest, privately held language solutions company in the world. They have been in business for over 25 years and have offices around the world.

Services offered by TransPerfect include:

  • Translation

  • Website Localization

  • Multicultural Marketing

  • Training and E-Learning

  • Legal Support Services

  • Video game Localization

They cover various sectors from Retail and also finance to eCommerce, entertainment, and also hardware/software/technology.

TransPerfect has developed some of the leading translation and collaboration tools. They only work on bigger projects- if you have personal documents or a small project, this isn’t the right

Shakti Enterprise

Among the oldest and most reputable translation firms in India, Shakti Enterprise has been offering expert translation and also analysis services for the last 32 years.

Services offered by them include:

  • Translation

  • Website Localization

  • Multicultural Marketing

  • Training and E-Learning

  • App Localization

Shakti is headquartered in Mumbai and has two sister companies- Bhasha Bharti and Beyond Wordz. They have an office in Bangalore as well. Their website is translated in 3 languages

Lisan India

Lisan India is a top language company providing a wide variety of language-specific services to global businesses.

  • Translation and localization

  • Website translation

  • Document translation

  • Proofreading

  • Certified translation

Giving localization, translation, Interpretation, and also content managing solutions, Lisan India has been in the translation business considering that 2013 and also is positioned in the heart of the Indian capital, Delhi.

Translingua Global (TGC )

Translingua Global (TGC ) is likewise among the leading translation companies in India.

  • Localization

  • Transcreation

  • Machine and crowdsourced translation

  • Multilingual copywriting

  • And more

Based in Mumbai, TGC has never ever allowed its geographical existence to restrict its seamless translation and analysis services, covering a range of industrial domains consisting of education, science, technology, organization, banking, society, and entertainment industries.

Cuttingedge Translation

Staying true to its name, Cuttingedge Translation is an exclusive and also certified translation company in India. Motivated by “water”, this translation business bestows the utmost value to openness and also quality in translation, localization, desktop publishing, and analysis solutions.

  • Professional transcription

  • Minute-taking

  • Translation

  • Interpreting services

The agency translates in over 200 languages as well as has an impressive customer base consisting of big names such as Bosch, Pearson, as well as McGraw Hill.

Feenix Language service

Feenix Language service is an ISO 9001:2008 licensed translation company based in Bangalore.

  • Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)

  • Over-the-Phone Interpreting (OPI)

  • On-Site Live Interpreting

  • Medical

Giving translation solutions to a wide variety of sectors, Feenix has a major goal of equating for clinical as well as medical care business all over the world.

Nonetheless, it covers a wide range of Asian, European, and also Middle Eastern languages as part of its translation services.

Somya Translation

Somya Translation is a certified private translation company located in Delhi.

  • Localization

  • Transcreation

  • Translation

  • Multilingual SEO

Having an objective of offering professional translation services to worldwide consumers, Somya has supplied numerous translations in over 100+ language pairs given that it’s beginning.


Linguainfo is an additional credible name in the organization of the leading top 10 translations companies in India.

Established ten years back, Linguainfo supplies extensive translation options to international businesses belonging to different industries including automobile, electronic, life sciences, production, and retail.

Advika Translations

Advika Translations is ISO 9001:2008 licensed company that was established in 2001. Since the beginning, it has maintained high expert standards and also has actually made popular because of its rich experienced and unmatched top quality services.

Many large, as well as international firms, have actually taken their services which have actually contributed to their integrity and popularity. Along with a variety of various other solutions, they additionally offer licensed translations. Professionalism and responsive client care make this company a great option for a hassle-free experience.

Institute of Universal Languages and Education And Learning

Institute of Universal Languages and Education And Learning is an additional ISO authorized institute that uses top-notch translation services for a lot of foreign languages.

  • MRO

  • media

  • healthcare

  • Information technology

  • Manufacturing, etc

It has actually a very trained and experienced group of local translators that provide top quality results as per the demands of the clients.

Along with language options, it also provides training and aids the pupils to learn various languages.

Shree Language Services

Shree Language Services is a Bangalore-based ISO certified company that provides language solutions to lots of global firms. Like the majority of the well-established as well as known service providers, it also covers a variety of industries that includes:

  • Technological

  • Medical

  • Finance

  • Law

  • Scientific research study

  • and a lot more.

It specializes in document translation, and also the core values include confidentiality, punctuality as well as economic cost.

The business has a knowledgeable team that works with certain interest to information for ensuring client complete satisfaction.


leading provider of subtitle translation services in India. We offer 100% accurate caption translation services to our clients. The range of our services includes professional subtitling, translation, and closed captioning services for leading motion picture studios.


Subtitling or captioning services involves display of text versions of the audio dialogues in audio-visual content including films. Subtitles are essentially a feature that appears at the bottom of the screen and could be loosely termed as the storyline of the presentation or the movie.

Language Mark

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Expand your videos reached globally with the leading subtitling company in India, with more than 11000+ hours of subtitle and closed captioning experience


Linguainfo may be a leading supplier of broadcast quality of subtitling and captioning for TV programs, commercials, videos, DVDs, and web-only videos and webcasts.


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High quality subtitling services in India by certified subtitling experts in 250+ languages that offers the best subtitling in India for around 450+ channels.Established 15 years ago as an online translation company, Tridindia is among the most sought-after translation agency in India. The reason it is included in the leading 10 translation company in India is due to its professional solutions.

  • Translation Services

  • Client Services

  • Support

  • Translation Software and Tools

Tridindia is a private language service provider with its headquarters in India.

Lisan India

Lisan India is a leading language service provider offering a wide range of language-specific solutions to international companies. Providing localization, translation, interpretation, and content management services, Lisan India has been in the translation business since 2013 and is situated in the heart of Indian capital, Delhi.

CHL Localization - The Most promising subtitling company in India

Generally visible at bottom portion of screen, the subtitles are also sometimes loosely termed as storyline for any presentation.