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Around 63 million people in India suffer from either complete or partial deafness, and among them, there are at least 50 lakh children. Just like any other impairment, deafness also needs special care, and it should not stop a person from achieving their goals. To ensure the same, some NGOs and organizations are working tirelessly to empower the deaf community in India. Some of them are running schools, while some are training and providing livelihood to them.

Right from training, to help them pave their way, to finding a career that matches their skills and conducting various activities, seminars, and workshops for them, these NGOs are working for the deaf community in every possible way. They aim to ensure those who suffer from hearing impairment are treated equally and are independent.


All India Deaf and Dumb Society
Plot No. 4 & 7, Industrial Area, Kadkadi Mode, Delhi – 110092
+91 11

Special Features of the School

  • Most of its students come from slum colonies and poor families.

  • Location of the school makes it easy for the benefit from the special free education provided to deaf and mute children by the school.

  • The school tries to create awareness in the society about the causes of deafness

  • The school enjoys reputation which attracts trainees for practical training for the last 10 years on regular basis for the institution like Aliyavar Jung National Institute for Hearing Handicapped and other public schools.

Star shuttler and national level coach Mr. Gaurav Ahluwalia is an alum of AIDDS

The Story of a Silent Shuttler: Gaurav Ahluwalia, 2020

All India Deaf and Dumb Society (AIDDS)

The All India Deaf and Dumb Society was established in year 1956 by Smt. Subhadra Joshi, a well known freedom fighter and ex MP, for the welfare of hearing impaired persons. The aim of the Society is to provide medical facilities, quality education, speech therapy, skills to generate employment and self reliance and also to create awareness amongst the public about the problems being faced by the silent children of God as well as their abilities.


  • AIDDS has been striving hard to achieve the goal of total rehabilitation for the hearing impaired children who on a large extent are ignored ,rejected by the community and some times even by their families.


We work individually with each family to understand their specific needs:

  • Educate: We strive to improve the lives of our students through education of Academic, Behavioral, Cognitive, and Social Skills.

  • Engage: It is important to have teachers & therapists engaging students to learn and parents involved in both student programs and school activities

  • Inspire: We inspire students to engage in extra curricular activities and soft skills other than regular academics.


Premalabai Chavan School for the Deaf, Karkardooma is a full-fledged Secondary School with classes from Nursery to Class VIII. The medium of instruction is Hindi and English. The teaching methodology in the school involves an activity based, hands-on approach in order to provide a firm foundation for future learning. The conventional chalk and talk technique is passé and has been replaced by a child-centric approach with experiential learning and computer-aided packages being an integral part of the curriculum. An interactive approach is adopted where the teacher is a facilitator and a mediator who leads the students to grow up into smart self-learners where questions are posed but instead of providing them with ready-made answers, the teacher enables them to discover answers for themselves.

At Premalabai Chavan School for the Deaf, we strive to provide an experience which will challenge our students academically, athletically and artistically with a variety of offers, students have the opportunity to explore their interests, develop the skill for success in school and engage in a process of self-discovery and transformation.

As the heart of school life is academic study, pupils here are taught by highly- skilled and qualified teachers who bring rigour and enrichment to lesson both in and out of the classroom.


  • Yoga: Regular yoga training under trained yoga instructors.

  • Drawing: Regularly drawing classes are been undertaken. Students have achieved prizes on zonal and district level.

  • Badminton: students play badminton and take part in zonal and district level games and have won prizes.

  • Chess: students play chess and also have participated in zonal and district level games.

  • Special Assembly: special assembly is also organized for students time to time for awareness health fitness and mock drills regarding earthquake and fire safety.

All India Federation for Deaf
18, Northend Complex, Rama Krishna Ashram Marg, New Delhi-110001
Multipurpose Training Centre for the Deaf
12-13, Shaheed Jeet Singh Marg, Qutab Institutional Area, Near FAI House, New Delhi – 110067

All India Federation for Deaf (AIFD)

All India Federation of the Deaf (AIFD) is an apex body of different affiliated organizations of the deaf spread all over India and serves the deaf community in elevating their living quality. Globally, it works with World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) Helsinki, Finland, which is affiliated to UNESCO, UNICEF and ILO of United Nations Organization (UNO). The federation was set up on 22nd December 1955 with an aim to unite the Deaf all over India. The organization has been presented number of awards at National and State level.

For socio-economic mainstreaming of the deaf, AIFD has promoted Multipurpose Training Centre for the Deaf (MPTCD) at Delhi, which fenders vocational training with residential facility for the Deaf boys and girls. Project of AIFD are duly recognized by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Govt. of India, which provides grants for this purpose.

Multipurpose Training Centre for the Deaf (MPTCD)

MPTDC is a Vocational Training Centre for the Deaf boys and girls. The Centre has two separate buildings on its 1.5 acres campus. Deaf students aged between 14-30 years are offered training in different trades. Presently, it runs 4 main trades:

  • Computer-Graphics: Computer students learn the basics of computer, Data-entry and later profession related graphic-printing using modern software. Students are also allowed practicing extra time after class hours under guidance of our instructor.

    • Printing Graphic (Refresher)

    • Printing Graphic (Advanced)

  • Photography: Photography students get opportunity to handle different types of cameras from vintage models to modern digital technology, including handling different photo-software. Photography students also learn to do graphic works related to photographer profession.

  • Fitter & Turner: Institute runs a unique combined technical course of Turner-Fitter-Welder for two years following ITI curriculums. Institute workshop has two types of lathe, drilling and grinding machines for tool making. Welding training is provided on the fourth quarter of training after students’ concept is clear about metallurgy.

  • Cutting & Sewing: In tailoring section each student uses individual set of instruments including sewing machine both manual and motorized. Institute is planning to introduce modern computerized machine for skill training.

Each trade is subdivided in two batches for fresher and advanced students with duration of one year for each batch. Candidate who has passed at least VIII standard and 14 years of age is eligible for admission. Since its inception (1977), MPTCD has produced more than 3K boys and girls and many of them have been gainfully employed.

All India Sports Council of the DeafMathura Road, 1B Institutional Area, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi 110076
+91 98100 37765+91 98256 64018+91 98737 90958aiscd1965@gmail.comFacebook

All India Sports Council of the Deaf (AISCD)

All India Sports Council of the Deaf, established in 1965, is a Sports Organization for the Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing. The Rules are virtually the same as in ordinary sports, but with certain modifications. Deaf sports are an important part of the Social lives of the Deaf and Hard-of-hearing, breaking the isolating language barrier.

AISCD is the National Apex Body for Deaf Sports and is one of the 55 Sports Associations, recognized by the Department of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India, to promote Sports in the Country. AISCD alone, out of the 55 National Sports Federation Associations, conducts under a single canopy Championships in all the Disciplines at National and International Levels.

To qualify for competition in Sports Council, Players must have a hearing reduction of at least 55 decibels. The Deaflympics Games are the Biggest International Event, with players and spectators from all over the World.

In 2001 at the Committee International of Silent Sports (CISS) Congress in Rome by agreement of International Olympic Committee and CISS, the name Deaflympics replaced the former name Deaf World Games. The Deaflympics were given the same status as the Paralympics Games and Olympic Games. This means that Deaflympic Games have the same status for DEAF sports as the Olympics for the Hearing and the Paralympics for the Disabled.

This logo is iconographic. The four letters for A, S, L and I are represented here in Indian Sign Language pictograms; they can be read NW, NE, SE, SW.
As a nation-wide initiative, ASLI’s logo reflects India’s massive diversity by displaying a different color behind every pictogram. Because part of the accreditation program involves education, academic-style colors were chosen.
Source: ASLI, Yes Creative

Association of Sign Language Interpreters (ASLI)

ASLI is represent the Interpreters for the deaf in India. The deaf community of India has not had a formal interpreting organization until now. The concept of sign language interpreting as a professional service for deaf persons has yet to take hold in India. The apex organizations for the deaf are already campaigning for this to take place.

There is a lot that ASLI will be doing to support and enable the local organization of the deaf. You have already been working in interpreting albeit with or without formal training for some time now. All persons who have been serving the deaf community selflessly for years by providing interpreting services will now have ASLI to support them in their endeavors by building awareness of the need for interpreters and advocating the need for linguistic access for deaf persons.

It is our aim to have interpreters in each and every district in the country whether they are amateur or professional. Over time, as the concept of interpreting develops and the compliance with the UN Convention on Rights of People with Disabilities (UNCRPD) is popularized, interpreting will become an important profession.


  • Our aim is to provide the deaf community of India with quality interpreting services, empowering them to live fuller better lives, while providing our members with quality training and opportunities for growth in their profession.


  • Creating a Registry of Sign language Interpreters

  • Providing Training in Interpreting.

  • Creating awareness in the general public with regard to interpreters for the deaf.

  • Providing continuing education to Interpreters.

  • Liaising with international agencies in the field of interpreting

  • Conducting workshops and seminars on interpreting.

  • Networking with local organizations and NGO’s working with the deaf to promote the use of sign language interpreters.

  • Networking with the relevant Govt. departments on the need for deaf persons to have access to interpreters.

  • Setting up an institute for the training and support of interpreters.

  • Promotion of the profession of Interpreting in India.

  • Advocating for the rights of the deaf community to have interpreters.

The Association of Sign Language Interpreters is an Indian not-for-profit organization affiliated with National Association of the Deaf (NAD) and The Deaf Way Foundation. The mandate is to provide a voice for The Deaf of India through the standardization, organization and continued practice of their Indian Sign Language Interpreters — for which no other organization exists. As a start up organization, Marlowe Andreyko was there to take part in creating their identity.

Atmavishwas - Vocational Training Center
House number 25 Povacao Near verna holy cross church Verna, Goa 403 722

Atmavishwas - Vocational Training Center

The mission of Atmavishwas - Vocational Training Center is to reduce & limit the consequences of disabilities through training for capacity building and facilitation of opportunities & support structures for integrated development of special individuals in the society.

Vocational Curriculum usually emphasizes work skills for the areas of employment within the service facility. It exposes the challenged person to many demands and disciplines found in real work situations. It is therefore, very essential to inculcate appropriate discipline, and working conditions during the training.

CSED was started in 1996 by Rhoda and Adal Parakh in their living room, with just 10 students and three teachers, working on the principle of oral language and conversation to teach children with speech and hearing disability.

(The) Central Society for the Education of the Deaf (CSED)

CSED enable the deaf to hear and speak, and take their place in a hearing world. It is a well-established institution that educates children with profound hearing disability. We provide model teaching and training facilities in English and Marathi at all our centres:

  • Central School for the Deaf (CSD)

  • Maitri - Centre for Hearing Impaired Infants

  • CIRC – Cochlear Implant Rehab Centre, and

  • BERA – Unit for testing new born babies.

Today, along with a dedicated band of teachers, CSED has grown into a vibrant school and infant training centre, complete with educational and specialized audiometric testing facilities.

CODA India
+91 9974965772

CODA India

India’s first initiative to talk about Children of Deaf Adults, CODAs. This facebook page will give you an insight to the unique life and facts of CODA life.

Mother, Father Deaf Day

On the last Sunday in April, Mother Father Deaf Day, CODAs acknowledge and celebrate our deaf parents.

Deaf Counseling Center

Deaf Counseling Center is a Deaf-owned and operated counseling and consulting practice staffed by Deaf licensed professional therapists. We specialize in working with Deaf people and their families.

Deaf Enabled Foundation (DEF)


Our vision is deafness with dignity and equality, and a society where deaf people have equal opportunities to participate in all walks of life


Our mission is to achieve equal access for Deaf people in every area of their lives. We are dedicated to working toward the development of the Deaf community, enhancing the quality of life, providing educational facilities, promoting social and cultural awareness while working towards independence and barrier free communication for the Deaf.