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Amazon wants to create job opportunities for deaf people with 'Silent Delivery Stations'

Career Assistance for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Though they possess many special skills and capabilities suited for major industries, the job hunt process can be challenging for the hearing impaired.

Whether you're entering the workplace for the first time or seeking to change careers, this comprehensive resource guide of articles, tips, videos, and other information can help. Take advantage of the advice provided here, and be well on your way to getting hired.

Though the percentage of educated deaf individuals has increased, there are still open ends when it comes to hiring them. As per a study, only 48% of deaf people are working, as compared to 72% of hearing people.

What is the reason for such low rate of employment of deaf people. Are there no job roles for them .There are lots of career opportunities for deaf individuals, and going to uncover jobs that are thriving today. Very few careers actually require a person to have perfect hearing. For Animator, instance, healthcare jobs, copywriting, computer-based jobs etc., can all be performed without the ability to hear.

Luke Christian

Luke tells us about his journey to becoming a fashion designer and founder of his own company Deaf Identity.

"My deafness didn't stop me becoming a fashion designer"

When Luke Christian (27) became fed up of explaining his deafness, he found a brilliant solution and launched his own fashion brand.

Carin Powell is a 3D animator who has had single-sided deafness since early childhood.

She is also the writer and director behind Liftoff, a short animated film about a deaf dancer. Powell worked at Anamon Studios in San Francisco, and through hard work and exceptional talent, became the lead animator and fix team lead on their short film, Let’s Eat.

Deaf Animation

The Deaf Animation Team is a group of young deaf adults who graduated from the Palestine Red Crescent Society's in Palestine. They produce animations and to conduct animation workshops themselves, for deaf as well as hearing groups in schools, youth clubs, libraries and summer camps.

Some of there Work:

Shakespeare 400

To celebrate Shakespeare's 400th anniversary, the Deaf Animation Team recreated a scene from Romeo and Julia as a plasticine animation.

Abu Kalam

Experimenting with cut-out animation and simple drawn backgrounds, the Deaf Animation Team experimented with a concept idea for a series of Short Animation

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Career Opportunities for DHH



Animators create images that appear to move through use of visual effects. So if you've ever watched a cartoon, you know what an animator's job is. While some find their creative spaces in an office, other animators find that their home is the most creative space. So they work from there. In order to find work as an animator, you're going to want to brush up on your portfolio of work.

Event Planner

Efficient and chivalrous

Have you been in charge of organizing various events like birthdays, farewells and anniversaries for friends and family , then, you are a sure-shot cut-out for a career in event organizing. Yes, we understand the challenges you're worried about.

Besides, there are innumerable career opportunities for deaf people in this field.

House painter


A little bit creative, a lot physical, this job might be perfect for you. Interior and exterior house painters don’t need to hear or even to speak to do a great job. This is not only a good entry-level position; it can turn into a rewarding profession.


Compassionate and problem-solver

Are you motivated to help others with similar disabilities (deafness)? Then, this career prospect is something to consider.

As an audiologist, you will be responsible for diagnosing, preventing, and treating hearing loss problems. Major parts of your work will involve sign language or lip-reading training, fitting and monitoring hearing aids and cochlear implants.

In this job, your skill to communicate with actions will be put to great use. The functional areas for this job role are audiology clinics, schools, hospitals, and other healthcare institutions.

Social Media Manager

Creative and humorous

Leading a team of novice social media executives and training them will be one part of your job. Apart from this, you will also be responsible for managing and maintaining ongoing social media content. Your expertise will show when you'll create images, custom graphics/art, and videos for the promotion of your organization. This high responsibility job may seem tough, but once you get on the track, you will enjoy every bit of it.

Day-care Provider for Hearing Impaired Children

Empathetic and patient

Leaving a child in a daycare is very difficult for parents of disabled children, especially when their child is hard of speaking or hearing. For a simple reason, the regular daycares might not be able to meet the developmental needs of a deaf child.

This is where your job role becomes a rainbow for them and their kids. As you may have experienced the similar problems while learning to read and write, who else can be better suited for this job than you?

If you adore kids and love imparting knowledge, this opportunity is your playfield. Do not overlook it.

Web Designer

Interpretive and proactive

If creating distinctive designs and layouts has always been your thing, then this career prospect should be on top of your list.

Without needing to communicate much, you will be able to show your potential through your work. Your designs and programming will speak volumes of your knowledge.

Besides, this is one of those jobs you can take up without leaving the comfort of your home.

To get a role as a web designer, you need a deep understanding of programming codes and visual design. Other than this, you must pay close heed to user design and experience, SEO, and be adept with software like Photoshop and Illustrator.


Innovative and simple

No one ever heard such a thing as too many fine writers because there's always been a shortage of them. Only those who have an influential approach to work make it to the top.

Wondering why we're telling you this? Because every individual has a different and unique perspective of the world. And, the writing world graciously welcomes those who know how to put forward their views clearly and politely.

It may surprise you but famous authors were deaf too.

Henry Kisor

Henry Kisor was born in 1940 and became deaf at the age of three.

Henry Kisor was the book editor for the Chicago Sun-Times.

He is also the author of three mystery novels

  • Season’s Revenge

  • A Venture into Murder, and

  • Cache of Corpses

and three nonfiction books

  • What’s That Pig Outdoors?: A Memoir of Deafness,

  • Zephyr: Tracking a Dream Across America, and

  • Flight of the Gin Fizz: Midlife at 4,500 Feet

Further Henry is the co-author of one children’s book, and writes two blogs

  • The Reluctant Blogger

  • The Whodunit Photographer

Marlee Matlin

Marlee Matlin is probably one of the most well-known Deaf celebrities out there, but not everyone may know she is deaf. In 2008, Matlin participated in a season of Dancing with the Stars and said fans sent her hundreds of letters each week about how much they appreciate that she’s opened their eyes to the notion “that Deaf people can do anything except hear.”

Nyle DiMarco

If you just saw him posing in a magazine, you wouldn’t know Nyle DiMarco has been deaf since birth and was born into a large, multigenerational Deaf family. He’s enjoyed a surging career in modeling & acting since his big break as the winner of America’s Next Top Model in 2015, and went on to be the second deaf contestant on Dancing with the Stars after none other than Marlee Matlin. Nyle ultimately became the first Deaf person ever to win the competition.

Halle Berry

Halle Berry, the first black woman to win an Oscar for Best Actress, lost nearly 80% of her hearing in her left resulting from a blow to the head during a domestic violence incident in a previous abusive relationship. Berry is now an outspoken advocate for raising awareness about domestic violence.

Derrick Coleman, Jr

Derrick Coleman, Jr. is currently the only Deaf player in the National Football League (NFL), as well as the first Deaf offensive player in NFL history. Coleman started playing & fell in love with football in 6th grade. Coleman became a Superbowl champion 2 years later with the Seattle Seahawks’ 2014 victory. Currently, Coleman is signed with the Arizona Cardinals.

Christine Sun Kim

I was taught to believe that sound wasn’t a part of my life

Christine Sun Kim’s captions have been getting bigger and bigger over the years. The, Berlin-based Deaf artist has been turning the little text at the bottom of the screen – the captions describing sounds and transcribing speech – into monuments, be they murals in opera houses or billboards visible from highways. For her upcoming project at Manchester International Festival, Captioning The City, she will wrap captions around buildings, inviting a different relationship to the sounds of the city.

Mandy Harvey

Mandy Harvey Deaf Singer Earns Simon's Golden Buzzer With Original Song - America's Got Talent 2017

Jobs That Use Sign Language

Being fluent in Sign Language can be a huge asset in several different fields, from communication and education to healthcare and social services. Common jobs that use sign language include:


How would you like to diagnose hearing issues and help other people cope with hearing loss? Audiologists who know sign language can better communicate with the patients they are trying to serve. In fact, some patients actually feel more comfortable working with a deaf audiologist because they can relate to him or her more. You'll need a doctoral degree in audiology as well as a state license.

Social worker

Many social worker positions call for fluency in ASL. That's because these roles involve advocating for deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals within the social system and connecting them with the resources they need. You become a social worker by getting a bachelor's or master's degree in social work; if you want to go into clinical work, you'll need to be licensed by your state.

Teacher of the deaf

Being able to communicate in sign language is a basic requirement for those that aim to educate students who have hearing challenges. Some of these teachers work in private schools for the deaf, while others work with students in mainstreamed classrooms within the public system. Specialized degree programs that focus on preparing people to teach deaf or hard-of-hearing students are available in most states.

Certified deaf interpreter (CDI)

While a sign language interpreter is a hearing person who learns ASL as a second language, a certified deaf interpreter is a deaf or hard-of-hearing person who natively communicates in sign or other gestural forms. CDIs work alongside hearing interpreters and are often called upon in situations where a deaf person has challenges (such as mental health issues or language deficits) that make it difficult for him or her to understand a traditional interpreter.

Nancy Rourke Deaf Artist


Nancy Rourke Deaf Artist De'VIA Art Movement (Deaf View Image Art) I do paintings on Deaf Art, using primary colours, expressionist art

Work-From-Home Jobs for Hard-of-Hearing or Deaf People

Are you looking for a position that allows you to work from the comfort of your own home? Plenty of people, regardless of hearing status, prefer remote jobs that don't require them to be on the phone. Some of the careers listed above would fit in this category, but here are a few more options:


If you have a talent for expressing yourself through words, you can parlay your abilities into rewarding opportunities in areas like copywriting, blogging, speech writing, technical writing, and much more. In many cases, freelance writers communicate with their clients via email rather than by telephone. Depending on the type of writing you want to do, courses in journalism or creative writing may come in handy.

Medical coding specialist

Medical coding can be an ideal career for anyone who's interested in home-based computer work that contributes to the smooth functioning of the healthcare system. In this role, you review patient records and assign the proper codes for each diagnosis, treatment, and procedure. Voluntary certification from the American Academy of Professional Coders can boost your employment prospects.


Lots of small business owners and nonprofit organizations rely on home-based bookkeepers to track their monthly income and expenses. You might also be in charge of overseeing payroll, preparing invoices, and reimbursing employees for business-related costs. While a degree is not always required, accounting courses can help you develop relevant skills.


Do you have a love of the English language and an eagle eye for detail? Proofreaders ensure that documents and manuscripts are free of typos as well as errors related to grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, and formatting. Most proofreading work is done on a freelance basis, so you can set your own schedule and work from wherever you like.

Online tutor

Helping others develop new skills and abilities can be satisfying work. If you have a strong background in a particular academic area and are adept at explaining and demonstrating concepts, you can pursue opportunities that involve sharing your knowledge via virtual means. Some tutoring companies look for tutors with college degrees; it also helps to have training or experience in teaching.

Chat support agent

Many people hate phoning customer support. They prefer the convenience and immediacy of digital channels like live chat. So, if you have top-notch written communication skills, are able to quickly zero in on a customer's pain points, and can provide concise explanations or directions, plenty of companies might be interested in your services.

Deaf Counseling Center

Deaf Counseling Center is a Deaf-owned and operated counseling and consulting practice staffed by Deaf licensed professional therapists. We specialize in working with Deaf people and their families.

Pastoral Orientation Centre (POC), The Kerala Catholic Bishops' Council (KCBC)

Pastoral Orientation Centre has Counselling Centre for Hearing and Speech Impaired.