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Deaf Sign Language App

An app that allow users to learn sign language by simply saying a word or phrase as well as they can use it to communicate with the deaf.

• Users can either use Speak function or By Text function to learn the sign language.

• Our app is able to translate common English phrase in to Sign language.

• Our app is an offline app so it can be used without any requirement of internet once downloaded.

• This app will help people to communicate with deaf community easily and effectively.

• An app intelligent enough that can translate almost any phrase of an English language.

• Our app can be used as a tool of giving knowledge of sign language to the parents or teachers that runs special education schools of deaf so they can teach their deaf children and students.

Sign Language

Sign Language App have been organized into various sections which start with basics such as alphabets and numbers. The list of sections further goes on to include greetings, question words , days and time of the day , clothing , family members and people , emotions , colors , meals , health , opposites , nature and the weather , sentence formations and more .

ASL Dictionary for Baby Sign

This app was designed with children in mind and combined with the parental control app.You can leave your device with your baby as long as you want.The app has a simple click and flip interface that children should find easy and intuitive to use.Its library is small because it only focuses on basic learning, but does it well.

The ASL App

The ASL App is made by Deaf people for you! Learn conversational ASL right now, on the go, with all phrases and signs organized to make it easy for you to learn.The ASL App is designed to help you learn a new visual, spatial language in a way that is easy, intuitive, and well paced. You can drag your finger on the videos to control the speed - totally at your pace. There is a search index (when you need to know a sign right away), slow-motion option, info (tips), and a favorites folder.

Sign Language ASL - Pocket Sign

Pocket Sign offers hundreds of video sign language ASL lessons packed in small sized lessons. Learn sign language effectively with our interactive questions:

- Hundreds of Interactive video lessons

- Learn to sign and translate sign language

- Fun questions

- Use items to make the learning easier and fun

- Learn the sign language alphabet

- Common phrases and greetings used everyday

- Baby sign language

- American Sign Language ASL dictionary

- basic sign language phrases

iSign - Expanded version of iSign Lite. Animated phrase book of 800 ASL gestures. Signs can be added and removed from list of favorites. Also has a quiz feature.

ASL Dictionary

OVER 5,000 VIDEOS and SIGNED WORDSASL Dictionary HD - Special Edition. This app has it allFrom A-Z The most complete interactive ASL Dictionary app.Cool new features like QUIZ, PLAY ALL, ADJUSTABLE SLOW MOTION. The Best just got better.A universal app for Phones and Tablets.

ASL American Sign Language

Knowing American sign language (ASL) will enable you to meet and interact with a whole new group of people. It is our goal to deliver a convenient, enjoyable learning experience that goes beyond the basics.We are bridging the gap between the hearing and the non-hearing community. The voice to text features capture the voice and translate it into text. The text to speech features enables deaf people to share their message.

Android, iOS

Learn Sign Language

In sign language app, you will find gestures for alphabets, numbers and also a few everyday words. This application can also easily serve a daily guide for sign language and you can refer to it when you want the cards to be saved offline

this app now and we will give you the complete basic knowledge of sign language and how you can implement it.

Simply install this app on your mobile phone and get the guidance on sign language. Act now and get this app for free!! Here's a sneak-peak of the content you will receive inside the app: Alphabets Colors ,Numbers ,Days, Questions ,Greeting

Food ,Animals , Family ,Weather ...

Sign Language: Fun Learning for Kids! - lively and engaging video app, experienced sign-language instructor Rachel Briley leads children through a range of signs, including proper American Sign Language for letters, numbers, animals, family members, transportation modes, nature scenes and salutations. She teaches children how to couple facial expressions with signs to ask and answer questions and even how to sign popular songs.


The DEF-ISL app makes learning of sign language easy, accessible and interesting. Packed with 50000+ easy-to-understand signs and phrases, in-built videos, illustrations, this easy to navigate app can be used both by adults and children who are deaf or hearing impaired. The customized mobile app is available for download on iOS and Android platforms.

Spread Signs

World’s largest sign language dictionary with over 200 000 signs! Learn American, Czech, British, Estonian, French, German, Austrian, Italian, Japanese, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Brazilian, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish sign language.

Indian sign language

Indian Signs App is based on Indian Sign Language, It is a Sign language learning application.

Those who are interested in learning Indian sign language can utilize this application.It is suitable for beginner and parents of Deaf children.

It has Indian Sign language Alphabets,number and common conversation sentences in Indian sign language anybody can carry the same in his/her pocket, it works without internet connection.

ASL American Sign Language Fingerspelling Game New update includes:140+ flashcards80+ Fingerspelling and Sign Language activities.ASL American Sign Language Fingerspelling,Flashcard

Language/Sounds: English ,26 Card Set

Indian Sign Language Talking Hands

Talking Hands is an Indian Sign Language Portal developed to maintain Communicative environmentin Hearing and Hearing disabled people in India and globe.The Website commonly contains Indian Sign Language Resource which anyone one who are willing to learn sign language could utilize to help Hearing impaired people in India and hearing impaired could update their knowledge.

Apps on Video Relay Service (VRS)

ntouch® Mobile (free)

Experience the freedom of your world in touch. Introducing ntouch® Mobile, the new SVRS® app from Sorenson Communications® that turns your smart phone into a VP that fits in your pocket. It’s the evolution of video relay, helping you connect everyday, everywhere.

Fring (free)-

Group Video Chat, Voice Calls & Text Chat.

Z5 Mobile

Z5 Mobile(Video Relay Service) app that makes it easy for deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals to make and receive VP calls anywhere using a Wi-Fi or a cellular data connection

Convo VRS

From the only Deaf-owned VRS provider comes the most natural calling experience for deaf and hard of hearing people. We believe that you should always maintain ownership of your call, and we achieve this through our highly-qualified interpreters and intuitive app design.

Qik Video (free)-

Stay connected through video chat, video mail and video share. ZVRS Z4 Mobile App (free)- Allows you to make and receive point-to-point calls to and from any videophone.

LanguageLine InSight

Facilitate mutual understanding, regardless of language or cultural barriers, to create outstanding customer experiences. Free app from LanguageLine Solutions quickly connects to live, qualified interpreters. Choose between an audio only or video interpreter when visual and facial cues may be important to increase understanding.

Purple VRS (free)-

Make VRS, Voice-to-Video and Point-to-Point calls – anywhere, anytime. Purple VRS is a video-based telephone relay system for deaf and hard of hearing customers. With Purple VRS, you can make VRS, Voice-to-Video and Point-to-Point calls over a 3G/4G, or Wi-Fi connection.

IW Relay VRS (free)- Mobile VRS for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Apps For Deaf


SignAble is a video+voice mobile app that helps deaf users/hard of hearing communicate with anyone, anytime, anywhere with the help of sign language interpreters - commonly known as Video Relay Service (VRS).

Sprint Relay ID Pack for Android Users-

The new bundle includes Google Voice, Captionfish, Video Relay, TuneWiki, a captioned video player, and a handful of devices to notify you of important messages and dates.

P3 Mobile

P3 Mobile – VRS on the go, because every conversation matters.P3 Mobile is the on-the-go VRS (Video Relay Service) app that makes it easy for deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals to make and receive VP calls anywhere using a Wi-Fi or a cellular data connection.P3 Mobile’s intuitive user interface gives you a choice of two themes and the ability to add contact photos. You can also count on our Number Lookup feature, powered by Google Maps, to help you find phone numbers and conduct map searches without having to leave the app.

Captioned Apps

Closed Capp ($0.99)-

Closed caption your face to face conversations! Speech is enlarged to screen! Don’t know sign language? Need to get your message across clearly? Using voice recognition software, speak into your phone and the words are transcribed live on the screen of the device. Talk to anyone face-to-face with Closed Capp.

Hamilton Mobile CapTel (free)

Makes it possible for you to see exactly what is being said to you on every call.

MixCaptions Add Text, Subtitles, Captions

Automatically transcribe your videos and get accurate, elegant video captions. It’s the secret to getting more views, more followers, and higher engagement for content creators and influencers — because chances are, most of your viewers will see your videos on mute.

Captionfish (free) – Captioned movie search engine that gives information about open captioned, Rear Window ® captioned, foreign/subtitled, and descriptively narrated movies showing in the US.

InnoCaption: Real-time Captioned Calls

InnoCaption provides real-time captioning of phone conversations for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. InnoCaption empowers you to call anyone, day or night, with fast and accurate real-time captioning.

InnoCaption enables you to make or receive a call, speak using your own voice, and see captions of what the other party on the call is saying to you. Our technology gives you the choice between live captioning by either live stenographe

The InnoCaption app is designed to be fully compatible with your mobile phone and tablet.

Use the app like your regular phone dialer - no need to make calls through a relay center

• Choose between captioning from live stenographers or automated speech recognition (ASR) software


CaptionMate is a free service for individuals with hearing loss. It allows you to read both sides of the phone conversation instantaneously. CaptionMate works on smartphones, tablets, and all other phones, even your landline.

Get Subtitles

Download multi-language subtitles for all your favourite movies, shows and sitcoms. Automatically scans your device and presents available subtitle files for you to choose from.Also manually navigate the folders on your device.

AutoCap -automatic video captions and subtitles

AutoCap adds stunning animated captions to video automatically,

it uses voice recognition technologies to analyze the video's audio**, transcribe it into text.

add text titles to your video.

make subtitle easily

Olelo Captioned Calls

Olelo provides instant live captions of your entire conversation (both sides!), and all captions are generated by state-of-the-art AI speech recognition for maximum speed, accuracy, and privacy.Olelo works anywhere you have good WiFi or mobile data service.

Speak It (free)- Talking device - write text and click on Play button, TTS engine will generate voice from text.

Subtitles Viewer! / Sub

Using your phone microphone, the app enables you to view subtitles in various languages on your iOS device. The app synchronises with television or movies on your TV or at the cinema. There are other similar options on Android available.

Ava: Best Live Captions for All Conversations

Ava is an app designed to empower people who are Deaf or hard-of-hearing by allowing to follow conversations in real time. The app provides 24/7 real-time captioning (with up to 95% accuracy, based on artificial intelligence), on your smartphone.

Wireless CapTel® by Sprint® (free)

Using state of the art voice recognition technology, CapTel delivers captions of everything your caller says, while you listen (with your residual hearing) and speak directly to your caller.


Rogervoice subtitles phone calls. Call anyone, and get a real-time transcription of the conversation. Meet the fastest, most reliable and versatile call captioning app on the market. And it’s free.

Speech Recognition App

Speechnotes - Speech To Text Notepad

Unlike other voice-typing apps, Speechnotes does not stop listening when you take a break. Incorporates a built-in keyboard so you can enjoy the ease of dictation for words and ease of tapping for punctuation & symbols. Designed to make writing fast and easy.

The following features

Optional backup to Google Drive - so you never lose a note Write short or long texts easily.

Live Transcribe & Sound Notifications

Live Transcribe has a new name — Live Transcribe & Sound Notifications. It's an app that makes everyday conversations and surrounding sounds more accessible among people who are deaf and hard of hearing, using just your Android phone.

Talk to deaf

With this app you can use your phone to translate your speech into text.

The deaf person can then easily read your message.

Deaf-Mute Helper

This app improves the communication experience of people with partial or total hearing loss problems and mute people.

The app has text-to-speech and speech-to-text features and includes 40+ languages.