Alerting Devices

Alerting Devices for DHH

Alerting devices are to assist the persons with hard of hearing and deaf. Alerting devices use a loud tone, flashing lights or vibrations to alert people with hearing loss to various environmental sounds. These devices may also be called signalers or notification devices. Most devices work by sending signals to receivers in your home or office. The receiver produces a visual alert (flashing light) or a vibrating alert. Some devices work with existing alarms and doorbells, so additional electrical wiring is not needed.

These devices use the sound and visual amplification or vibration techniques for alerting the individuals with hearing impairment. Deafness can cause problems with everyday living. The range of Alerting Devices may offer the solution - from a vibrating watch to give a tactile alert that a cake needs to be taken out of the oven, to being woken up if there is a fact 'solutions to improve the quality of life'. These special alerting devices are available to wake you, indicate a visitor at the door or warn you of an emergency. Learn about the types of alerting devices for people with hearing loss.

Let Me Hear Again

As the name suggests, Let Me Hear Again is an app that assists people with hearing impairment. Founded by 29-year-old Sharon Baisil, a doctor, the app provides an alternative to expensive tools in the market such as videophones and vibrating alarms.

Let Me Hear Again has features like Virtual Notes, which allows users to capture speech and long conversations in the form of words; Quake awake alarm that makes sounds above their hearing level coupled with vibration; and Guardian Angel, which keeps a watch on people and alerts them when in danger. The app was awarded the 'App of the Month’ by MIT App Inventor.

Alert Options

Visual - a flashing light

Alarm Clocks for the DHH

Hearing a standard alarm clock can be a challenge for people with hearing loss. Specially-designed alarm clocks for people who have hearing loss come in many forms, including those that have built-in strobe lights or bed-shakers and those that have an outlet where you can plug in a vibrating alert, or a lamp to wake you up each morning.

Baby cry signalers

Regular baby monitors often do not generate enough sound for people with hearing loss to determine if their babies are crying. But manufacturers now make transmitters and receivers specifically meant to detect a baby's crying and transmit it to a central alert system.

Alarm clocks

Vibrating, flashing or LOUD alarm clocks available, designed to wake the deepest of sleepers!

Wireless Personal Pager Systems

For use around your home The Bellman Visit and the Connevans PPS433 personal pager systems


Room to room communication without shouting

Deaf Alarm Pager

You can set up these to get alerts from a range of different devices (like a smoke alarm and alarm clock as well as the doorbell and phone) using radio signals. You can get different kinds of receiver

DB 200 is the only doorbell & telephone signaler

State-of-the-art, DB 200 is the only doorbell & telephone signaler that requires no wires and can be installed in minutes.

Designed to provide reliable alerts for hard of hearing users. Totally wireless design can be easily installed in minutes. Also connects to a telephone signaler for an easy alert to phone calls.

Ringer Amplifier With Strobe Light

Designed to provide a bright, attention-grabbing alert to phone calls.

Incorporates a flashing strobe light and ultra-loud 120 dB ringer.Connects easily to the telephone line for convenient use.


This is a device for the people who suffer from speech impairments. They translate the speech of those people, who wants to communicate with us but are not able to into speech that we can understand.

Vibrotactile - a vibrating component

Doorbell Signalers

There are doorbell signalers which work with or without an existing doorbell to make sure you know when someone is at the door. There are also security signalers that alert you if a door or window is opened in your home. Door signalers can range from a simple flashing strobe light to a system connected to your phone or one with its very own receiver. There are some that you keep in a central location in your home and they alert you, through a message and/or a flashing light when you're receiving a phone call or someone is ringing the doorbell.

Weather Alerts

Sometimes, people with hearing loss do not know about a dangerous storm because they cannot hear the rumble of thunder or crack of lightning. Additionally, some people don't watch TV or listen to the radio. In these cases, weather alerts can give warning about impending storms or other disastrous weather situations on the horizon. A weather alert radio can be used by itself or with other alerting accessories, such as strobes or bed-shakers, depending on your needs and preferences.

Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Carbon Monoxide alarms to provide high quality, reliable detection of Carbon Monoxide (CO)

Ring indicators - visual and audible

Many people can use a telephone but do not hear it ring

Smoke alarm for hotels - Deafgard vibrating fire alarm alert & Dorgard Super products for hotel and other residential accommodation

Vibrating pads & strobes (only) Replacement strobes and vibrators

KA 300 Alert System

Know how it works

Loud Telephone Ringer Light Box

  • Designed to reliably alert you to incoming calls.

  • Provides amplification of the ringtone up to 95 dB.

  • Bright, neon light offers a visual indicator of incoming calls.

  • Compact, unobtrusive design enables easy use on a table or wall.

Phone signalers

Phone signalers either plug directly into the outlet and phone line or are attached to the side of a phone to pick up the sound directly. However, with the prevalence of cell phones today, there are more unique, discreet and advanced options on the market than ever before.

Amplified phones are specifically designed for people with hearing loss, allowing you to turn up the volume as necessary to hear speech clearly. You do not need to wear hearing aids to benefit from these devices. They can make it easier to hear high-pitched sounds, the same sounds many people with hearing loss are missing. These phones sometimes also feature amplified ring tones so you’ll never miss a call.

Doorbells & chimes - wirefree bring the sound nearer to you - visual and audible

Signolux Alerting System

Versatile, compact & effective visual and audio signaling system alert you to a range of sounds

Talking Smoke, Fire and Carbon Monoxide Alarm

  • Provides a convenient, specific alert for emergencies.

  • Features high-quality smoke and carbon monoxide sensor technology.

  • Smart combination alarm states clear alert messages for emergencies.

  • Talking design better accommodates users with low vision and/or hearing.

  • Ultra-loud talking alert includes an 85 dB alarm to alert users

Vibrating alarm watches

Attractive vibrating watches with multiple alarms

Doorbells & chimes - wirefree

bring the sound nearer to you - visual and audible

Clarity AlertMaster Wireless Flashing Doorbell/Paging System

Sesame Phone

Now here is a smartphone that now touches free. It helps the user to access all of its features by using different gestures. The front camera tracks the head movements of the user and he is able to operate the device. There is also voice control for better accessibility. The Sesame Phone is the world’s first completely touch-free smartphone, designed by and for people with disabilities.

Smoke alarm systems

Fire and smoke alarm products for your home from well-known manufacturers Fire Angel and Aico

Smoke alarm systems - Commercial fire alarm system accessories

Accessories for wiring into commercial building fire alarm systems

Vibrating alarm watches

Attractive vibrating watches with multiple alarms

KA 300 Alert System

Keep hearing impaired and deaf individuals safe from fire and carbon monoxide situations with this visual, auditory, and Vibrotactile alert system that will easily connect with any small to large scale facility alarm system.

The Buzz

The Buzz wearable wristband uses haptic technology to translate sounds into vibrations. A new device that turns sound into dynamic patterns of vibrations does just that, and it's helping those who are deaf or hard-of-hearing access vital information in a unique way.

Intercom System For Deaf

Room to room communication without shouting

SmartShaker 3 Wireless Bluetooth Vibrating Alarm

Wireless Long Range 1300 ft. LOUD Doorbell Kit w / 2 Receivers

SOS Help Pendant Vibrating Audio Alert Paging System

UNI: This is an application for the hearing and speech impaired people. This is a two-way application that helps them to communicate with others. It will convert the sign language into texts for you to understand what the other person is trying to say.

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