Support Groups in India

Scribes regularly help Visually impaired and blind students

Support Groups

Though India has numerous NGOs and Institutions from the Government to support the people with no or low vision, access to support groups on a regular basis in India is not as easily available because of its number of beneficiary requirements, lack of infrastructure & resources, and geographical expanse (No support system for blind in India, The Hindu, 2015). Yet some organizations are trying to constantly help the people with visual impairment in their education, employment and independent life on a regular basis.

All India Confederation of the Blind

Near Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital, Sector-5, Rohini, Delhi-110085.

+91-011 2705 4082 / 0915



Community Based Rehabilitation

Women Empowerment


All India Confederation of the Blind (AICB)

All India Confederation of the Blind (AICB)

All India Confederation of the Blind (AICB) is a body of blind persons working for and with the blind community. It a range of support services for the blind especially women and late life blinds:

CBR is intended to facilitate maximum inclusion and participation of our clients within the rural communities. Under this identified blind and low vision persons are imparted training in self-help skills like:

  • Orientation and independent mobility

  • Daily living (grooming, house hold, chores, washing etc.)

  • Personal management

  • Social interaction and communication

They are also to provided training in vocational skills most appropriate to their specific family situations:

  • Rural craft practiced in the concerned villages

  • Dairy work

  • Poultry farming

  • Goat-keeping

  • Pig rearing

  • Running petty shops

  • Simple farming activities

It has been the Confederation's continuing endeavor to provide women opportunities for adequate participation in all of its on-going educational, training and rehabilitation activities. Besides, the Confederation conducts the following special programs exclusively for the benefit of visually impaired women

  • Merit Scholarships

A merit scholarships, sponsored by Marga Schulze Foundation, Germany, for visually impaired students pursuing under-graduate, post-graduate and B.Ed. courses. These scholarships are awarded to meritorious students in all states barring the Southern states, Maharashtra and Goa for Rs. 1000 to Rs. 1500 p.m.

  • Intensive Training Course For Visually Impaired Women

Sponsored by Marga Schulze Foundation, Germany visually impaired girls are imparted intensive practical training and theoretical instruction in home management, basic stitching, mobility, computer applications, self-defense techniques and leadership skills.

  • Award of Computers

Computers are provided to deserving visually impaired girls from all States except that of Southern States as well as Maharashtra and Goa the basis of their performance at proficiency skill test.

  • Women Magazines

Sponsored by Marga Schulze Foundation, Germany, AICB brings out Braille editions of reputed mainstream monthly women's magazines in Hindi as well as in Gujarati, Kannada and Tamil and provide at one-tenth of the production cost - Rs. 10 per copy per month.

  • DVBS Supported Hostel for Blind girl-Students/trainees

Run with the support of DVBS, Germany, the Hostel provides board, lodging and reading material free of cost to college going blind girls as also girl-trainees of the Confederation's vocational courses.

AICB supports persons losing sight later in life either during young adulthood or during employment through:

  • Stress counseling to help clients overcome the shock of onset of disability and

  • Training in skills like daily living activities, Braille, communication skills, orientation and mobility etc.

The Unit, sponsored by the UNITAS, Switzerland, has supported 290 visually impaired men and women.

Blindness can be reduced to a mere physical condition, as the advancement in modern assistive technology allows us to overcome barriers

Blind Help Project (BHP)

Blind Help Project

Sometimes it may seem that blindness creates barriers when trying to accomplish a task, but for us, we believe that this concept can be eliminated. We have setup an All-in-One platform to assist in this process by providing a wide variety of digital resources, along with demonstrations, guideline and round the clock community assistance for their utilization to maximum possible capacity and let you become productive, inspired, entertained and employed.

  • BHP is an independent volunteer-based resource that aims to empower the blind and visually impaired across the world in understanding, learning and acquiring a variety of accessible software applications by making them readily available through our website, producing technical articles and audio tutorials and making BHP an open community-driven platform, through our vast social media presence.

  • There is insufficient material and documentation available to understand and efficiently utilize various technologies, so we aim to provide assistance with these complications.

  • There is also a private group on Facebook that anyone can join with permission from the admin, use the resources, and contribute for the cause

Flat no 586, Sector 13 -A, Dwarka, New Delhi 100075
+91-95604-34635, 11-2803-1072 blindpersonsassociation.orginfo@blindpersonsassociation.orgFacebook, YouTube, Blogs

Blind Persons Association, New Delhi

Blind Persons Association, New Delhi

BPA came in the existence in the year 1981 with an aim to empower, rehabilitee, integrate and provide equal opportunities to the girls with visual impairment to lead a dignified life so that they become useful and contributing members of the society.

BPA aims at providing support to visually impaired through our various programmes and projects. Our main focus is to make visually impaired self dependent by training them in to daily routine and make them employable. Through our Marriage initiative of blind’s we are helping them to live a social life as common man of the society.

One may volunteer as a caregivers to persons with blindness in:

  • Teaching / educating students on a regular basis

  • Timely health check-ups

  • Befriending with the blind is no different from having any other friend

  • Good Communication skills

  • Fundraising/marketing support

  • Outing/travelling support

  • Photograph the Blind

Lions Club International

Invite an eye professional to your club to educate Lions and Leos on common eye diseases that may cause blindness if left untreated.

  • Access the Lions Eye Health Program to educate yourself and your club about blindness prevention.

  • Invite a person who is blind or has low vision to talk about technology that aids in mobility or navigation and activities of daily living.

  • Complete the free online Blindness Basics Course at Hadley School for the Blind to better understand blindness.

  • Serve a meal at your club and invite members to eat while blindfolded to raise awareness and build empathy


Center for Empowerment of Women with Disabilities

No. 10, Hosa Road, Chikkathogur, Electronic city post, Hosur Main Road, Bangalore – 560100

+91 80 25740052

Mitra Jyothi

Mitra Jyothi

Mitra Jyothi is aimed at empowering the visually impaired by supporting their educational needs, finding suitable jobs and making them independent enough to take charge of their lives.

Centre for Women Empowerment with Disabilities

With a focus on women empowerment, Mitra Jyothi has set up the "Centre for Empowerment of Women with Disabilities (CEWD)" in Electronics City, Bangalore. CEWD is a state-of-the-art disabled-friendly, safe and secure accommodation for working women with disabilities.

Mitra Jyothi in collaboration with The Hans Foundation started CEWD with hostel facility in January 2016.


  • Provide a safe shelter/accommodation for working/studying women with physical/visual disabilities.

  • Reduce the financial burden on the beneficiaries by providing the facility at very nominal and subsidized cost

  • Encourage rural women with disabilities to go for mainstream education in colleges /universities over distance education

  • Encourage women with disabilities from rural areas so that they enter mainstream education / career.

  • Empower educated women with disabilities to improve their employability skills so as to meet job requirements and lead independent lives

  • Provide the much needed support at nominal costs during their “Job Search” phase

  • Creating opportunities for women with disabilities from remote areas to gain exposure to urban culture and preparing them to face the competitive world

  • The facility provides shelter and support to 50 women with disabilities who are working in Bangalore and need accommodation facility.

Call us or register online by clicking here to enroll for support at our CEWD.

ROSHNI Foundation

ROSHNI Foundation

ROSHNI Foundation is a capacity building and training organization. ROSHNI is a collective of young professionals working in different sectors and want to bring social change through collective action.

We strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations to represent the rights of communities at local, national and international levels. In doing so, we support civil society in playing its crucial role to make sustainable changes towards a healthy life for all with specific focus on the blind and the visually impaired.

Readers and Writers for Visually Impaired Students

Every year, just before exams begin, we hear of school and college visually impaired students struggling to find writers for exams. We try our best to provide reader, writer to visually impaired students. We try to assist our differently abled friends by offering them voluntary assistance in the following ways:

  • Reader: We try our best to channelize volunteer efforts to assist visually impaired students in reading aloud the contents of study material, books for visually impaired

  • Writer: We try our best to channelize volunteer efforts to assist visually impaired students as Writer (Scribe) during exam. Volunteer have to assist in writing down the examination answers as dictated by the visually impaired students.

  • Audio Recording of study material / notes on Mobile (Volunteer from Home): Citizens can volunteer by recording audio notes from the study material, text book content, notes or novels for visually impaired students. Here's a call to all those who can help us in recording notes in English or Hindi or Marathi etc. for the visually impaired.

You can also Volunteer for

  • Writing assignments – You can volunteer to assist the visually impaired students to write assignments. Visually impaired student dictates the content to volunteer.

  • ROSHNI Differently Able Mentor Program: Assisting visually impaired students in their needs to begin as early as possible and include self-awareness and career exploration activities, job seeking skills instruction, information about job keeping, and encourage opportunities for gaining work experience.

  • Teaching visually impaired students for their personal enrichment: Vocal music (like Carnatic, Hindustani), Spoken English, Computers, etc.

  • Assist in conducting and organizing advocacy workshop: For sensitizing Regular Schools, Institutions, Corporates Staff and Effective Parenting session for Parents of differently abled child.

  • Coordination of events / workshops / special events / interactive sessions

This is a closed group and you must request to be added to it. If you have joined Facebook less than 1 year ago you will not be added unless you send the groups administrator a message along with the request

Stargardt Disease Support Group

Stargardt Disease Support Group

This is the original and first Stargardt Disease and Macular Degeneration support group for people who have it or know someone who has it.

If anyone in this group would like to discuss anything to do with SG or MD please contact. It is also encouraged to message other people in the group if you feel you could help them or if you think they could help you.

Detailed explanation of Stargardt Disease

Volunteer For a Cause

JP Nagar, Bangalore

+91 6366359687 / 6366359688



Volunteer For a Cause (VFC)

Volunteer For a Cause

VFC is a non-profit, registered organization founded on Nov 30,2012. Volunteering for the overall development of society is our main objective.

Many a times it happens that even though we are interested, we are not able to participate in our chosen volunteering events. This is because, we do not receive sufficient information prior to the events. At VFC, we encourage volunteers to participate in various volunteering activities by notifying about event details at the right time. We are also involved in creating opportunities for volunteers in various fields.

Volunteer for a Cause is a great way for volunteers to meet new people and become better connected to the community.

Our Causes for the blind and the visually impaired are:

  • Pen Pals - Voluntary Writers for the needy

  • What ?

Pen Pals is a cause which aims at connecting Visually Impaired Students with the Voluntary writers who can assist them in writings exams.

Voluntary writers also assist students with chronic medical conditions, students with cerebral palsy and students with temporary injuries like a fracture, etc

  • Why ?

While a majority of the students appearing for their examinations worry over what questions to expect and whether they will have sufficient time to answer them or not, there is a category of students sharing a very different fundamental concern.

Every year, hundreds of students with disabilities and chronic medical conditions are taking their examinations with various agonise over uncertainties such as whether they will find a Pen Pals (voluntary writers to write exam) on time, whether the handwriting will be legible enough or whether he or she will be quick enough to cover all the questions.

At times, Visually Impaired students are even forced to pay hefty amounts to the scribes for assisting them. Pen Pals was conceptualized to help Visually Impaired students find scribes who can volunteer to write exams.

  • When ?

Volunteers are notified as and when the need arises.

The requirements will be posted in the WhatsApp group and in all social media handles.

Online timetable is regularly updated according to the requirement, kindly check

  • Where?

As per the requirements: Across India. Actively arranging Voluntary Writers at Bengaluru, Mysuru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, etc.

  • How?

Once the volunteers confirm his/her availability after checking the timetable, we connect the volunteer with Visually Impaired student.

The details related to the examinations such as exam center, time and location will be shared with the confirmed volunteer. Guidelines(Do's and Don'ts) will be briefed in prior to the volunteer.

On the day of the exam, volunteer appear for the exam along with the required documents (like Govt ID proof) to assist the Visually Impaired student in taking their exams.

If you're willing to help, please drop your details here

Dhvani Granth is a cause aimed to provide Visually Impaired(Blind) students with study materials in audio form.

    • Why?

Finding study materials is the biggest hurdle for Visually Impaired(Blind) students as not many textbooks are available in Braille/audio format. This being the case, Visually Impaired(Blind) students have no resource that they could refer to during exam times. Dhvani Granth was conceptualized to record study materials in audio form and share it with Visually Impaired(Blind) students.

    • When?

Volunteers are notified about book recording as and when the students come with requirements.

    • Where?

Volunteers can record from thei