Manufacturers and Distributors of Assistive Devices

Manufacturers and Distributors of Assistive Devices

Manufacturers and Suppliers

  • Ai Squared. A source for screen magnification and screen reading software, adaptive keyboards, and magnifiers.

  • American Printing House for the Blind. A source for an extensive range of low-tech to hightech AT products, accessible media, materials and tests, tactile graphic image library, and software.

  • C-Tech Low Vision Products. A source for mid- to low-tech AT including digital book players, video magnifiers, screen magnification and screen reading software, GPS systems, braille displays and notetakers.

  • Dancing Dots. Accessible music technology for blind and low vision musicians, including a low vision music reading device, resources for creating and using braille music, and music translator.

  • Enablemart. A range of low- to high-tech products including handheld and video magnifiers, OCR scanners, specialized software, adaptive calculators, color identifier, braille displays, embossers and notetakers, and book players. Also carry products for students with multiple disabilities.

  • Freedom Scientific. A source of mid-tech to high-tech solutions including screen magnification software, screen reading software, CCTVs, braille displays, braille notetakers, audio book players, and curriculum support.

  • Humanware. A source for mid- to low-tech AT including handheld magnifiers, digital magnifiers, screen magnification and reader software, OCR software and scanners, book players, GPS systems, braille printers, braille displays and notetakers. Also carries products for students with deaf-blindness.

  • Independent Living Aids. A broad range of AT from low- to high-tech, including magnifiers, adaptive calculators, watches and measuring tools, mobility products, braillers and braille products including games and instructional materials, labelers, slate, adaptive paper, and maps.

  • Independent Science. Publishers, of specialized accessible STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) software and tools for data collection and analysis. Also provides resources for adapting STEM curriculum.

  • Maxi Aids. Variety of adaptive aids for independent living and recreation.

  • National Foundation for the Blind. Visit their “Independence Market” for products addressing life skills, mobility, reading, writing, and other curriculum areas.