Sign Language for ASD

Source: Sign Language for Children with Autism, Julian Perez, 2016

“I’m a visual thinker, not a language-based thinker. My brain is like Google images.” – Mary Temple Grandin (Professor of Animal Science, Autism Advocate)

Sign Language for Children with Autism

For many non-vocal children with autism, functional communication skills can be limited or even non-existent. Some children have not YET learned that interacting and communicating with others can be fun, reinforcing, or valuable. Using Sign Language can help to promote the development of functional communication as well as vocalizations for some children. The ability to request effectively for items, objects, and actions can lead to more meaningful social initiations and interactions, as well as a reduction in frustration and problem behavior. As a parent, you may become frustrated with behaviors your child uses to get his point across. Teaching signed words to your child can give him a way to make his needs known in a more socially acceptable manner.

Using sign language with your child may help develop open communication skills. It can provide a way for him to communicate his needs that is not crying or throwing tantrums, thus little by little eliminating stressful behaviors and promoting more effective communication.

Though everyone is different, children on the spectrum might benefit from Signing Exact English or SEE signing. American Sign Language has very different sentence structuring then SEE signing. In American Sign Language the sentence structure goes from subject to verb, then object; with SEE signing, sentence structure follows the rules of the English language.

Child with ASD struggles with speech, it’s important to access early intervention services. This will give them the best chance of achieving functional communication later on. That said, your speech therapist may decide that Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) is the right option. Augmentative and Alternative Communication includes many different methods, from a picture exchange communication system (PEC), to flash cards, to sign language.

iPad Apps for Autistic and Nonverbal Children

2011 Using iPad apps as communication and learning tools for autistic and nonverbal children. Mobile platform games and education applications and accessories are highlighted.

An app from Hello Monday – a creative studio – teaches the correct hand positions in real time on web browsers. The app uses people’s webcams to track their hand movements while an algorithm checks their accuracy.

Aumi app

18 year old with autism wins fans his Aumi app - Indian Sign Language Video

Lets Sing

Let’s Sign’: Resources and Apps to Teach Yourself ASL

Autism: Using Sign Language to Communicate Needs | ASL Expression Functional Communication


Teaching Sign Language to Children with Autism uses case-study video examples along with step-by-step instruction to show parents and teachers how to help a child with autism request using Sign Language Children with autism have a hard time connecting spoken words to objects. Your child may often be frustrated because he cannot communicate effectively.

The 10 Best iPhone Apps to Learn Sign Language

Learn ASL using your iPhone or iPad? Here are the best iPhone and iPad apps for learning sign language anywhere.

Talking Hands

Talking Hands is an Indian Sign Language Portal developed to maintain Communicative environment

in Hearing and Hearing disabled people in India and globe.

The Website commonly contains Indian Sign Language Resource which anyone one who are willing to learn sign language could utilize to help Hearing impaired people in India and hearing impaired could update their knowledge.

Indian sign Language (Offline)

This is another best sign language app Android 2022 by Talking Hands and this app is Indian sign language offline dictionary. This app is based on Indian sign language and it is app perfect for those who are interested in learning Indian sign language and can utilize this app. This app is suitable for beginners and parents of deaf children. This app has Indian sign language alphabets, number and also includes common conversation sentence in Indian sign language which anyone can carry in his or her pocket and this app works without internet. Try this app now!


This is great app by Hindi Infoware and it is sign language for beginners, and it includes British sign language, deaf sing language and signs. This app is organised into various sections and these sections starts with basic like alphabets and numbers. It also includes greetings, question words, day and time of the day, family members, clothing and people. These sections also includes emotions, colours, meals, opposites, health, nature and the weather, sentence information

National Autism Resources

Over 30 years of research has shown that nonverbal people with autism can learn to communicate with sign language. Many autistic children respond well to sign language because it's visually based and provides a mode of quick communication. Research also shows that it may actually help nonverbal people to become verbal.

Some of the advantages of using sign language include, it's inexpensive, portable, a true language system, and communication can take place quickly. It can help reduce negative behaviors such as tantrums, aggression or self injury which are often a result of being unable to communicate a want or need. Also, by providing a form of communication you increase the opportunity for social interaction.


The DEF-ISL app makes learning of sign language easy, accessible and interesting. Packed with 50000+ easy-to-understand signs and phrases, in-built videos, illustrations, this easy to navigate app can be used both by adults and children who are deaf or hearing impaired. The customized mobile app is available for download on iOS and Android platforms.

DEF-ISL offers the opportunity for all to learn sign language and thereby reach out to the deaf more easily

Signging Time

For some individuals with Autism, language and social skills do not develop in early childhood. Yet other autistic individuals appear to meet neurotypical communication milestones in early childhood. The inability to effectively communicate impacts all areas of development and may impact community connection.

A child with Autism may struggle with non-verbal language. Non-verbal language can include: gestures, facial expression, and body language. These challenges may affect play, interaction with peers and family members.

Free PDF guides for parents, teachers, and professionals

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The ASL App.

One of the best features is that it often shows two ASL speakers interacting to simulate a true conversation. In each video, you can drag your finger across the screen to control the speed. There's also a slow-motion option.


SignSchool is a great-all around ASL app and offers a number of solid features. One of the best is SignBuilder, which shows random signs so you can improve vocabulary comprehension. There are hundreds of different categories and thousands of signs to choose from. To test your knowledge, there is a multiple-choice game to help review categories.

ASL American Sign Language

While this app features commonly used phrases in conversation and vocabulary, it's also a great place to learn the basics. To help test what you've learned, there's also a picture-matching game for both letters and numbers.

Download: ASL American Sign Language (Free, in-app purchase available)


It's not the most intuitive way of learning how to sign, since it can rob you of the chance to learn word-specific signs instead of fingerspelling. But the big advantage is that all of the signs are laid out in familiar patterns and go back to regular letters with one touch. Switching between the two should make it easier to memorize the individual letters.

Download: Signily

ASL Dictionary

ASL Dictionary is a straightforward and helpful way to learn the language. It has a dictionary of words and phrases that you can sign. When you tap an entry, you'll see a video clip of the sign in question.ASL Dictionary does a great job at being a quick and easy reference. There is also a quiz mode that tests you based on the videos.

Download: ASL Dictionary

Huawei AI

Huawei AI has come up with a unique way to help deaf children learn to read sign language—by using AI and augmented reality to interpret printed books. They have also hit on a way to help deaf children develop enjoyment in reading.The idea for the app was a response to the frustration many parents feel when trying to read a book

ASL Translator

Using the ASL Translator app, you can translate more than 30,000 different words into sign language in real-time. Just make sure to have an internet connection. You can type up to 50 words at one time and see the ASL on screen.The app also teaches you how to sign more than 110 ASL phrases.

Download: ASL Translator

Marlee Matlin

Academy Award-winning actress Marlee Matlin headlines this app. She signs out the ASL alphabet along with phrases like "Hello," "Excuse me, It's a great choice for anyone starting out who wants to learn the basics from an experienced teacher.Matlin signs very slowly, but the app allows you to play the short educational GIFs back even more slowly, which is useful for less-dexterous students and inexperienced beginners.

Download: Marlee Signs (Free, in-app purchases available)


MaxASL helps parents bring ASL knowledge to younger children---infants to age five. Each story offers two different modes. Parents and kids can watch the story in sign language or hear it read out loud. After reading the story, head to the vocabulary section to learn more sign language about each word.

ASL with Care Bears

ASL with Care Bears is a great way to get younger learners interested in learning the language. There are more than 400 different signs of popular phrases and more kid-suitable topics. Living up to its name, kids can also learn the name of all the Care Bears in ASL.Two bundles come free with the app, while a substantial amount of extra content is unlockable with a single in-app purchase.

Download: ASL with Care Bears (Free, in-app purchase available)

Mind Rockets

Mind Rockets is another great app by Mind Rockets Inc, and this app includes more than 3000 sign, and it continuously adds new signs every week. This app interprets spoken and written English into sign language by using a 3 D friendly avatar, new signs, and it also keeps on adding new signs. This app features a dictionary with more than 3000 signs from ASL, and these all make it a great tool for anyone to learn the language from their phones.

The ASL Study app

The ASL Study app will help you learn 450 daily life conversational sentences and more than 8,500 common words in sign language.Words and sentences are grouped into different packs covering specific topics. You can bookmark signs to go back and practice later. There is also a test feature where you take a quiz to see how well you're doing.With in-app purchases, you can unlock additional study packs or all the words in the app.

Download: ASL Study (Free, in-app purchases available)

This is a great sign language app by USEFUL APPS, and this app is perfect for those who want to learn American Sign Language. With this app, you will meet and interact with a whole new group of people, and the app goal is to deliver a convenient and enjoyable learning experience that goes beyond the basics. This application is free phrases in conversation and vocabulary family sign, time sign, place sign and many more. Here in this app, you can play ASL (Words) picture matching game, and you can play the ASL (Number) picture matching game. This app will also show you facts and figures about American Sign Language.

Let's Learn Sign Language

Sign Language Picture Cards

Photographic Matching Cards

Number Matching Activity from 1-5 for Students with Autism (With Sign Language

AAC Core Vocabulary Books | Interactive Books for Speech Therapy (Sign Language)

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