Manufacturers & Distributors of Assistive Technology for the Autistic

Manufacturer and Distributor of Assistive Devices for Autism

The vital role that Assistive Devices play in changing the life of a Person with Disability to overcome the limitations with technology, innovation, and intervention. If your child has a learning disability, he or she may benefit from assistive technology tools that play to their strengths and work around their challenges. Assistive technology (AT): products, equipment, and systems that enhance learning, working, and daily living for persons with disabilities. Assistive technology (AT) is any item, piece of equipment, software program, or product system that is used to increase, maintain, or improve the functional capabilities of persons with disabilities. Assistive technology helps people who have difficulty speaking, typing, writing, remembering, pointing, seeing, hearing, learning, walking, and many other things. Different disabilities require different assistive technologies. services promote inclusivity in society by enabling timely and high IQ development, skill acquisition in multiple areas, such as social, academic, speech and language skills, in autistic children. It encourages self-dependence amongst such children.

It is not easy to be different especially when the individual is different than others due to a condition that is beyond control. Some empathetic entrepreneurs understand this pain to a level much higher than the rest of the people. Perhaps this is why they have gone a step further to base their businesses with not only the goal to generate revenues or employments but also to generate happiness for people suffering from disorders like ASD. Here is an overview of some excellent organizations that are paving the path of easier living for autistic individuals in our society:

AVAZ - Communication App for People with Speech Disabilities

Avaz empowers to communicate emotions, thoughts, and needs. It is a picture-based communication and learning tool that can be used by autistic children and other people with special needs to communicate what they want at home as well as to access better learning at schools. This tool has built-in teletherapy support which facilitates remote therapy sessions. It has 3 different levels of vocabulary with a picture prediction keyboard customized for individuals as per their stage or needs. The “About Us” segment of Avaz’s website ( provides the background of the initiative, “a small group of inventors from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras – one of India’s top engineering universities worked hard to bring AAC to India. They looked at various options working with many special needs schools, before finally building a tablet computer that would revolutionize AAC in India. It was the first device of its kind in India and as soon as it was launched it saw an incredible adoption amongst special educators and therapists working with autism and CP

Invention Labs Engineering Products Pvt. Ltd.

Module 01C, IIT Madras Research Park Kanagam Road, Taramani, Chennai - 600113


Landline: 044-66469891

Mobile: +91-6379905790

Demosthenes Technologies Pvt

Demosthenes Technologies Pvt Ltd has developed 'Stamurai' that provides accelerated therapy for stammering and other speech-related issues, through speech exercises and practice tools. Product Stamurai is a speech therapy app for stammering. Stamurai is a cost-effective and easily accessible mobile device which is considered one of the world’s biggest digital therapy app for addressing speech and language disabilities. It is co-founded by IIT-Delhi graduates, Harsh Tyagi, Anshul Agarwal, and Meet Singhal. It is an automated, personalized, digital coach to help users. The beautiful description of how it all started has been provided in the organization’s website, ( that quotes, “We are people who stutter ourselves. Stuttering greatly impacted our lives. Personal life, social life, career choices - everything is shaped by stuttering . The app has instructional videos to teach speech therapy exercises and tools to help practice those exercises. The app also acts like a self-help group with purpose-to-practice (P2P) features and support. Stamurai is currently available on Android and has users across 149 countries. With the Stamurai app, anyone with a smartphone can access the speech therapy.


CogniABle is a tool that manages autism with early automated screening and remote guided treatment. As described in the “About Us” segment of the organization’s website, (, “CogniABle is a machine learning-driven assistive technology for early detection and affordable treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Product & service

Autism screening: Following a structured video script provided by us, any clinical expert or non-expert can use a mobile phone to record a 5-10-minute long video, showing their guided play-based interaction with the concerned child aged between 1.5 and 5 from his home or clinic. After he submits this video on our mobile app, it is uploaded on our cloud platform and automatically analysed by our unique AI models that provide screening results to the user by predicting the child’s risk of autism with minimal waiting time. The complete process happens at 10 per cent of the current general market cost and zero user travel. This innovation is in advanced validation stage.

Autism therapy: Our digital therapy platform is available on mobile apps (iOS & Android), empowering users to have a relevant integrated assessment and treatment plan at 10-20 per cent of market price. It can be used by clinicians, schools, parents and any non-expert, who is a part of an autistic child’s regular support system to avail customised therapy plans automatically populated with play-based teaching methods and training videos. The mobile app comes with 40 hours of training resources. The curriculum involves skill-building in 21 domains like language, behaviour, academics, classroom and social skills.

CogniAble’s digital screening and therapy services promote inclusivity in society by enabling timely and high IQ development, skill acquisition in multiple areas, such as social, academic, speech and language skills, in autistic children. It encourages self-dependence amongst such children. With services offered in many languages.

Nimaya Robotics

Nimaya Robotics – Nimaya helps children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and multiple disabilities to develop cognitive and psychomotor skills while having fun through the use of ground-breaking application of robotics. The interesting part is its toy-like design that attracts children and they actively learn through play combined with training. It is India’s first robotics-based therapy that can be customized to cater to individual needs. The organization’s pilot study has proven that there has been 50% accelerated skill development of learners. Nimaya offers several Skill Training Units addressing 30+ cognitive and psychomotor skills. “Nimaya means a change in Sanskrit. We founded this company with the single goal of changing the lives of special needs children. Children who were born with an autism spectrum disorder or other multiple disabilities are unable to enjoy a normal childhood or grow up into independent individuals. We see the world through their perspective and want to make a difference in their lives,” highlights the organization’s website ( Speech therapy and development of cognitive skills are central to autism treatment. They can resolve a wide spectrum of problems of autistic individuals. The above featured technology experts and organizations have helped in making autistic individuals live better. They have improved the overall quality of lakhs of people suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Kidaura Innovations Pvt. Ltd.


ScreenPlay consists of a set of tablet-based games that assesses a child’s ability. Using games helps us in capturing the true nature of the child without letting the child know that he is being assessed. Moreover, through our technology, we can record every minute details that naked can’t even comprehend. Additionally, AI lets us extract and analyze patterns in the child’s gameplay which helps in predicting the potential risk of autism and other related disabilities. Through our product, we can achieve the same goal of identification of potential risks using fun, productive, data-driven and scalable way. We have filled s provisional patent for the product.

Communicaa They are developing a platform named Communicaa, which helps therapy centres and special schools to provide assistance to parents in home-reinforcement of therapies. Also have a product called AuraConnect, a screening tool for developmental challenges and aims to solve parents’ initial doubts on a child’s overall growth and development.

Address: Indira Nagar, Nashik, Maharashtra 422006

Phone: 077919 80877

Tactopus Learning Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Tactopus is an edTech platform that provides young children with developmental delays the opportunity for long-term, one-on-one interactions online with specialists, who assist them and their parents in resolving speech, behaviour and learning issues, connecting special educators, parents and students digitally. We also provide children with special needs with customised learning aid and resources required to make e-learning successful.


Cognoa, a digital devices maker, has obtained the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) breakthrough device designation for its diagnostic and therapeutic devices intended for autism spectrum disorder .

Voice Of Specially Abled People

The vital role that Assistive Devices play in changing the life of a Person with Disability to overcome the limitations with technology, innovation, and intervention.

To maximize the outreach and ensure more PwD are enabled and provided support with assistive devices all over India, Voice of SAP has created an online application system for PwD to request directly for devices like Wheelchair, Smartcane, Smartphones, Hearing Aids, Artificial Limbs, Tricycle etc. on our website and after evaluation and approval, receive the device.

We are partnering with many device manufacturers, innovators and NGOs to streamline supplies, training and services for more than 14 options to choose from.

To change a life by enabling with an assistive device,

Enabling Devices is a company dedicated to developing affordable learning and assistive devices to help people of all ages with disabling conditions. Founded by Steven E. Kanor, Ph.D. and originally known as Toys for Special Children, the company has been creating innovative communicators, toys and switches for the physically challenged for more than 35 years.

Boundless Assistive Technology

Boundless Assistive Technology focuses on providing the best assistive technology products, service, and support. Devices for those with hearing impairment, low vision, the need for a communication device, visual learners, and so much more are available here.

Able Net

Able Net provides educational and technical solutions to help children and adults with disabilities lead productive and fulfilled lives. This includes a complete line of communication aids for nonverbal individuals; access aids for all ages and situations; and special education classroom curriculum that both enhance and help ensure learning progress. Their products are used in hundreds of thousands of homes, clinics, and classrooms in the United States and across the globe.

Enable Mart

EnableMart is the one stop solution for over 3,000 Assistive Technology devices from over 200 manufacturers. EnableMart excels at finding the right Assistive Technology products to meet customers’ needs. Their mission is to bring awareness to the forefront of the community and to increase the number of individuals using Assistive Technology, thus providing the link to the benefits that these technologies offer, and ultimately to embrace a life without limitation.


At Infogrip, you will find great assistive technology, ergonomic & special education products, from alternative keyboards and mice to products for the low vision and blind. Infogrip believes there is a solution out there that can make using a computer possible for every person with any ability, and they will provide great customer service to help find the perfect solution.

Augmentative Resources, Inc

Phone: 877-471-1863



Communication Books, Picture Schedules and Hands on Literacy and Language Learning Visual Supports. Add your pictures to our loop fabric and clear slip-in pocket products to personalize the needs of your students. Check out our new CORE Picture Communication Carriers.

Daedalus Technologies, Inc.

Phone: (800) 561-5570



DAESSY Mounting Systems - Making Technology More Accessible since 1986. The leader in mount systems, supports and stands for AAC devices, computers, tablets and switches

Enablemart: A Division of School Health

Phone: 8663235465



Enablemart serves Assistive Technology Specialists and consumers with an outstanding selection of over 3,000 products along with personalized service. As part of the School Health Corporation, we are dedicated to enabling people to learn and perform to the best of their abilities.

HelpKidzLearn Inc.

Inclusive Technology

Phone: +441457818790



HelpKidzLearn offers subscription services to special education settings.

“Games and Activities” is an extensive collection of accessible, engaging, game-based learning.

“ChooseItMaker3” enables teachers to create personalised learning activities which can be played off-line on students’ tablets.

“Insight” harnesses eye-gaze technology to assess each individual’s learning helping guide their progress.

Inclusive TLC Special Needs



Internationally recognized in the field of special education and AT for computers, tablets and iDevices, providing access solutions including eye gaze technology, switch accessible software and communication aids, as well as the popular HelpKidzLearn website and the 2014 CODIE award winning ChooseIt!Maker 3


Phone: ​+34943496622



Irisbond creates a new way for humans to communicate through precision eye-tracking technology. Irisbond’s advanced software algorithms interpret your eye gaze in order to provide natural, intuitive and hands-free access to information and control over a screen.

Irisbond wants to inspire the society to change the way we communicate with our enviroment.

Forbes AAC

Phone: 419.589.7688



Forbes AAC is an industry leader in providing innovative augmentative communication devices. Our revolutionary AAC Devices are built for purpose and engineered from the ground up to meet the real world needs of people with communication disorders. This focus in AAC has paved the way for several industry breakthroughs.They manufacture the ProSlate™, the world’s first iOS based AAC device and the PC based WinSlate™ with optional Enable Eyes™, eye tracking module. The ProSlate and WinSlate devices come with the FlexABLE® handle and stand. Both devices can use virtually any AAC application. The WinSlate has many mounting options including those for wheelchairs and hospital style beds as well.Other products include the SoundPOD™, mounted or wearable speaker module, the CoreWord™ application and Personify™ Voice Recording System. Forbes AAC has a complete line of Environmental Controls that utilize several custom access methods.


Phone: +32 9 331 58 58



Jabbla develops AAC solutions such as Tellus, Mobi, Zingui, Smart (communication devices) and Allora (text based communication device). Software: Mind Express (communication software), SprintPlus (dyslexia), Eurovocs Suite with DocReader (talking word processor), KeyVit (onscreen keyboard) and Skippy (word prediction).

Attainment Company

Phone: (800) 327-4269



Since 1979 Attainment Company has been producing practical, affordable and easy-to-use products for people with special needs. These now include worldwide bestselling GoTalk communication devices/apps, instructional software/apps, iPad cases featuring unique sound boost without electronics, moderate/severe Core Curriculum Solutions for Elementary, Secondary and Transition, as well as teacher/IEP resources.


Phone: +31-20-6127473



AssistiveWare is the worldwide leader in innovative assistive technology solutions for iOS and Mac OS X. Founded in 2000, AssistiveWare offers a portfolio of award-winning solutions for individuals with physical, vision, communication, and reading impairments. This includes products such as Proloquo2Go, Proloquo4Text, Pictello, News-2-You, Keeble, Keedogo (Plus) and Wrise.


Phone: 314 795 4381



APP2Speak™ is an inexpensive and easy-to-use (AAC) software application that enables speech-impaired individuals to communicate more effectively. It is designed and created for the thousands of individuals who experience speech impairment as a result of a stroke, brain injury, Parkinson Disease, ALS, autism, and conditions effecting speech and communication.

Tobii Dynavox

Phone: (800) 344-1778



Tobii Dynavox is the leading provider of touch and eye tracking based assistive technology hardware and software for those with communication and mobility impairments. For over three decades, the company has stood at the forefront of assistive technology, delivering the most advanced communication and computer access tools available. Visit


Phone: 857-214-4013



ReadSpeaker, a leader in TTS, provides accessibility tools with certified integrations in Blackboard, Canvas, BrightSpace and other LMS providers. Utilizing the best voices in the market, our tools enhance the online learning experience for ALL learners AND provide the flexibility and compatibility to provide accommodations for testing using UDL methodology. Scanning

Scanning Pens Inc

Phone: 1-727-316-8101



Scanning Pens is a dedicated supplier of mobile scanners.

Scanning Pens will be showcasing the latest reading aids that allow people to work & study independently.

One of the most popular scanners at the moment is the C-Pen Reader, please visit for more information.

The C-Pen Reader pen scanner is major technological breakthrough for anyone learning English and is a life-saver for those who suffer from reading difficulties such as dyslexia. The C-Pen Reader is a totally portable, pocket-sized device that reads text out aloud with an English human-like digital voice.

Smartbox Assistive Technology

Phone: +44 (0) 1684 578868



Smartbox creates assistive technology solutions that help people with disabilities do things that everyone else takes for granted.

Our products allow people with disabilities communicate, access computers, and control the environment around them by combining the latest technology with the very best software. Our award-winning AAC software includes Grid 3 and the popular Look to Learn, and the all new Look to Read. We offer a range of Grid Pads powered by Grid 3, with several methods of access to meet individual needs

Texthelp Inc.

Phone: 8882480652



Hello we’re Texthelp leaders in assistive and language learning software.

Our literacy software supports millions of students in colleges and classrooms worldwide; enabling ELL students, those with disabilities, and other struggling learners, to read and write with confidence.

Phone: (800) 262-1984

Email: info@://

For over 50 years, PRC-Saltillo has been leading the way in giving a voice to those who cannot speak for themselves. Since 1966, the company has paved the way in developing speech-generating devices and continues innovating in the field of language development. We believe “Everyone deserves a voice.”

Education Ablenet 800-322-0956 AAC; Switch Access; Environmental Control Units; Computer Access; Mobile Device Access; Learning Technology; Low Vision; Mounting Products.

Access Ingenuity 877-579-4380 Vision (Video Magnifiers, Screen Magnifiers, Keyboards, Screen Readers, Note Takers, Braille Displays, Talking Products); Hearing (Amplified Phones & Accessories, TDD / TTYs, Assistive Listening, Communication Aids); Mobility (Voice Recognition, Digital Recorders, Headsets, Head / Eye Control Input, Word Prediction On Screen Keyboards); Cognitive and Learning (Reading Software, Literacy Software, Talking Book Players, Cognitive Aids); Alt Format Solutions; AAC (Communication Hardware, Communication Software); Workstations and Ergonomics; Keyboards and Mice; Computer Hardware; Computer Software.

AssistiveWare Communication; Education; Universal Access.

Attainment Company 1-800-327-4269 Apps, Books, Card Sets; DVDs / Videos; eBooks; GoTalks; Software; iPad cases. Bones +41-52-672 28 25 Note Takers; Book Reader; Portable Voice Recorder, Music Player, Text to Speech Player, Book Player, Radio, Clock, Calendar device.

Bookshare Membership to an accessible online library for people with print disabilities.

Cadan Technologies dba Technology For Education 800-370-0047 Systems; Input Devices; Output Devices; Software; Learning Resources; Video; Audio; CE Options; Office Machines; AAC & Communication; Switches; AT Mounting Hardware; Entertainment.

Cambium Learning 214-932-9500 Software and Hardware products; Online teaching material to assist with differentiated instruction; literacy support technology.

Chester Creek 888-214-5450 Children’s Keyboards and Mice; Senior’s Keyboards and Mice; Large Key Assistive Technology; Children’s Software and iPad; Educational Computer Keyboards; Educational Computer Mice; Accessories. 13 This is not a comprehensive or all inclusive listing of the hundreds of Assistive Technology companies in today’s marketplace.

Education Claro Software Ltd 866-800-5151 Reading Software; Research, Planning, Outlining, Studying, and Presenting Software; Writing Software.

DataDesk Technologies 888-446-3222 Keyboards (including LittleFingers keyboard).

Don Johnston 800-999-4660 Software for - Reading; Writing; Phonics; Curricula, Screenings and Books; Access; AAC / Communication; Visual Learning; iPads and Portables; Autism; Dyslexia; Higher Education; Low Incidence.

HelpKidzlearns +44 (0)1457 819790 Online Software; Switch Interfaces.

Inclusive TLC 1-800-462-0930 Switch Software; Touch Screen Software; K-6 Learning; Older Students; Literacy Software; Math Software; Matrix Maker Plus; System of Wireless Receivers and Access Devices; Switches; Connecting Switches; Switch Mounting; Alternative Mice; Keyboards & Accessories; Touch Screens; Touch Computer; Inclusive Slate; Communication Aids; Timers and Toy Control; iPad Apps and Accessories.

Learning Ally 800-221-4792 Membership which includes parent support specialist consultations, webinars, audiobooks, free apps and software.

LessonPix, Inc. 727-437-2465 Membership which includes ability to create custom materials for educational purposes.

Marblesoft 888-755-1402 iPad Apps and Switches; Software for Accessible Games, Autism, Early Learning, Music, Switch Training; Switches and Interfaces; Keyboards; Mice.

Monarch Center for Autism 216-320-894 Programs and Services for Individuals Age Three Through Adulthood with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

n2y Inc. 419-433-9800 Cloud Based Learning; Online Newspaper; Curriculum Program; Online Symbol Library. 14 This is not a comprehensive or all inclusive listing of the hundreds of Assistive Technology companies in today’s marketplace.

Saltillo Corporation 330-674-6722 Communication Software; Portable AAC Devices; Chat Functionality; Keyboard.

Sonocent 202-657-4332 Note taking software.

Touch the Future, Inc. Georgia: 770-934-8432 South Carolina: 864-367-0831 New and Used AT Devices, Computers, Equipment, and Software.

Virtual Speech Center Apps for Aphasia, Articulation, Auditory Processing, Concepts, Following Directions, Language, Phonology, Reading, Reasoning, Syntax, Vocabulary, Wh- Questions, World Retrieval. Education 15 This is not a comprehensive or all inclusive listing of the hundreds of Assistive Technology companies in today’s marketplace.

Aids to Daily Living (ADL) +md 888-430-9888 Athlete’s Food & Order Control; Compression Socks; Diabetic Socks; Dri-Relief Gel Products; Travel Compression Socks; Wellness / Energy Socks.

Abena Incontinence Products 800-563-0161 Diapers, Underwear & Pads; Underpads, Bed Pads & Chux; Extra Care Products.

AliMed 1-800-225-2610 Assistants to Daily Living; Bariatrics; Clinic Supplies, Equipment, Furnishings; Cushions; Diagnostic Imaging; Diagnostics; Durable Medical Equipment; Emergency Preparedness; Ergonomics; Infection Control; Materials & Tools; Never Events; Operating Room Products; Orthopedics; Patient Safety; Physical Therapy; Radiation Protection; Rehabilitation; Speech and Language; Staff Safety; Surgical Instruments; Wound Care/Skin Protection.

AssistiveWare Communication; Education; Universal Access.

Bones +41-52-672 28 25 Note Takers; Book Reader; Portable Voice Recorder, Music Player, Text to Speech Player, Book Player, Radio, Clock, Calendar device.

Clarity 1-800-426-3738 Amplified Corded and Cordless Phones; Mobile Phones and Accessories; Big Button / Low Vision Phones; Speakerphones; Amplified Captioned Phones; Personal Listeners; Telephone Amplifiers; Telephone Ringers; Alarm Clocks; Notification Systems; TTYs and VCOs.

Live Oak 1-888-940-0605 Items surrounding Care; Mobility; Pain Relief; Rehab & Recovery; Bathroom Seating; Car; Clock; Grab Bar; Mobility Accessory; Moving Around; Support Rail; Transferring; Traveling

LS&S Products 716-348-3500 Clocks and Watches; Electronics; Low Vision CCTV’s; Low Vision Lighting; Games and Crafts; Magnification; Educational Products; Healthcare; Daily Living Products; Telephones; Books and Reading Stands; Children’s Products; Orientation and Mobility; Alerting Devices; Assistive Listening Devices; Braille Products; Hearing Accessories; TTY’s and TDD’s; Talking Products; Spanish Speaking Products.

Maddak Ableware 973-628-7600 Bariatric Products; Bath Safety; Bedroom Aids; Dressing Aids; Drinking Aids; Eating Aids; Hand Aids; Kitchen / Household Aids; Leisure / Recreation Aids; Mobility Aids; Morph Wheels; Personal Care; Anti-Grip Products. 16 This is not a comprehensive or all inclusive listing of the hundre