Classroom Aids for ASD

Assistive Technologies Used in the Classroom

In the classroom, some common examples of assistive technology include the following:

Listening Aids

Devices that address listening challenges by minimizing background noise, reducing the effect of distance between the sound source and the listener, and overriding the effects of poor acoustics, such as echo. In an online course, this can be as simple as integrating captioning during videos. For in-person learning, this could be a personal FM unit, where the educator wears a microphone and transmitter and the student wears a receiver.

Visual Aids

Items designed specifically to help people with vision loss or impairments. This type of assistive technology includes software such as screen readers and screen magnifiers, and hardware such as video magnifiers. These tools are usually owned and used by students who are blind or vision impaired. Learning Management System (LMS) that align with global accessibility standards are compatible with such assistive technologies. Although autism does not always associate with weakened vision, having advanced visual aids can help focus an autistic student more efficiently. These may include enlarged images, screen magnifiers, captioning, and large print books.

Communication Aids

Tools that enhance the communication process for individuals. These include software, smartphone applications, electronic communication boards, and speech-generating devices that produce digitized speech when the user either types a message or presses on images, words, or letters.In all learning environments, accessibility needs to be considered as a main component of creating equitable learning environments for all students. This requires close collaboration of educators, administrators, students, and technology partners

Auditor Aids

The same concept is applied to hearing. Classroom amplification, books on tape and hearing aids all target focused encouragement.

Reinforced Communication

To effectively relate in the classroom as well as integrate into more social relations, reinforced classroom technology for communication can help. Assistive tools such as smart boards, tablets, speech synthesizers, eye gaze boards, and social computer games can make a difference.


It is s a compact eye tracker that enables people with physical disabilities to control a Windows computer with their eyes.

The Pico Genie Impact

Portable smart projector. Play content from your favourite video streaming app directly from the projector with the built-in Android 7 OS alternatively screen mirror your phone’s screen. It is suitable for either Android and Apple devices or other brands of phones supporting screen mirroring the Pico Genie Impact 3.0 projector is a perfect addition for use in the classroom.

MP4 player

will show a favorite learning movie if specific buttons are pushed. Since visual repetition is a favorite activity for children who enjoy seeing expected results, inexpensive children’s versions of MP4 players and now entering the classroom with some young autistic trend setters. These cheap electronic toys are used as classroom aids, and for the purpose of skyrocketing the child’s popularity at recessMP4 players will hold photos, play learning movies, and allow for voice memo’s to be taken.

A low tech writing support: graphic organizers.

Take a writing utensil and a blank sheet of paper and a student can be taught how to organize their thoughts before they write. There are so many different ways this can be used from outlining to bubble maps, etc. There is software out there that can pre-design these for students and then add their content to the organizers.

FM Listening Systems

FM systems are assistive technology devices which can reduce background noise in the classroom while also amplifying what the teacher says. It can help with both auditory processing and focus problems. The teacher wears a microphone that broadcasts to either the room’s speakers or a personal receiver worn by the learner.

FM systems are used to assist children with hearing loss, autism, and language processing difficulties.

Optical character recognition

This technology allows a user to scan printed material into a computer or handheld unit. The scanned text is then read aloud via a speech synthesis/screen reading system. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is available as stand-alone units, computer software, and as portable, pocket-sized devices.

Talking Word Processors

Talking Word Processors are writing soft- ware programs that provide speech feed- back as the student writes, echoing each letter as it is typed and each word as the spacebar is pressed. These programs often include other assistive features such as word prediction and spell check.

AAC Lite Tech Evaluation Kit

Everything at your fingertips! We have created a complete assessment kit for Speech Therapists.

Classroom Communication Kit

In consultation with special educators, speech therapists, and assistive technologists, we’ve assembled this carefully curated kit of communication devices.

Classroom Switch Kit

Our Switch Kit includes nine of our most versatile switches.


Some students have trouble with pacing. Timers are great and affordable assistive technology tools that help students mentally prepare for task changes. These devices also keep them knowledgeable about how much time they have left to complete their current task.

Schkidules visual schedules - Sensory Expansion Pack

The Schkidules sensory expansion pack is perfect for active bodies. Featuring gross motor activities

Portable Visual Schedule

Organize daily activities for home or school - students can use these Portable Visual Schedules anywhere.This pocket chart features six clear vinyl pockets, 41/4" x 2" each, to help organize a student's schedule for both home and school.

Trifold Literacy/Choice Board

This self-standing board is made of velcro receptive fabric. It can be stored flat then folded to a triangular position with velcro closure.

Literacy Learning Cube

The easy to use literacy learning cube can be used like dice to make a game out of learning or you can add pictures or words to the cube to make learning both visual and interactive.

School Based Portable Visual cards pictures classroom communication

This is an activity necklace/visual cue pack used to augment everyday classroom directives/expectations. It is an expanded version of the 26 portable visual cue pack also available


MathTalk is a speech recognition software program for math that can help students with a range of disabilities. From prealgebra to Ph.D. level mathematics, students can perform math problems by speaking into a microphone on their computer. The program works with Dragon NaturallySpeaking programs for voice-to-text functionality, making it ideal for students who have fine motor skill disabilities.

PE Educational Gymnastics Station Signs and Task Cards- 36 Instructional Visuals

TIME TO ROLL WITH IT!!!The PE EDUCATIONAL GYMNASTICS STATION SIGNS AND TASK CARD product is a “kid friendly” set of instructional GYMNASTICS/TUMBLING printable signs/cards

Editable Keychain Visuals

Visuals are a necessary component of a special education classroom. Pairing verbal commands with visuals helps our students with communication difficulties better understand

This book can be used in the classroom to assist students in learning the targeted vocabulary pictures/words

, identifying sight words in a sentence, and answering questions. Adapted books keep students engaged in reading by allowing them the opportunity to take turns finding the correct pictures to match words in the book. These books are motivating to students and they encourage class participation.

Back to school, "Getting to Know You" with visuals, Special Education, Speech

Start off the school year with getting to know one another! These questions feature visual picture choices for each question. This packet includes:1)Name writing and self portrait

Quick Talker 23

QuickTalker 23 is a portable, purpose-built SGD that lets a child with ASD create sentences by touching icons to string together words. Over 20 sentences with a total time of 20 minutes can be created. There are five different levels, based on differing skill and comprehension levels.

Speech Therapy GUESS WHO? Animals Categories Yes/No questions Visual Prompt


Tech Matrix

Search a database of nearly 400 products using extensive criteria tailored to assistive and educational technologies.

The sandwich chart

The sandwich chart can assist students with paragraph writing. The sequence chart can help with narrative writing and the ordering of events. The sense chart is designed for descriptive writing, where writers are prompted for terms that characterize and express an item. Dozens of other sample charts exist and can help students with virtually any type of writing. The sandwich graphic organizer help students structure their writing projects and make it easy to classify ideas and communicate.

Phonetic Spelling Software

Reading and writing can be difficult for many children with learning impairments. Phonetic spelling software converts a student’s typing into the word they intended to type.

Remember that students can listen to audiobooks as an alternative to reading. This allows them to overcome reading difficulties by following the material by listening to the audio.

D2L Brightspace Accessibility

ReadSpeaker, a valued partner of D2L, provides a text-to-speech application solution that integrated with D2L Brightspace. There are two integrated components of ReadSpeaker solution that offer assistive technology functionality—ReadSpeaker for Brightspace and ReadSpeaker TextAid. ReadSpeaker solutions are integrated into the Brightspace learning platform and can be found on the Brightspace App Finder. Adding ReadSpeaker text-to-speech is simple. Administrators simply request it to be added to their Brightspace platform via their D2L account manager and the tool is automatically activated for all courses.

Special Needs My Communication Cards for Special Ed, Speech Delay Non Verbal Children and Adults with Autism 27 Flash Cards for Visual Aid or Cue

COMMUNICATION FLASH CARDS: 27 Beautifully illustrated 8.9 x 5.8 cm flashcards with all the essential commands so a child can communicate effectively.

SPEECH THERAPY: My Communication Flashcards are a great aid to help with speech therapy and communication development.

Word prediction tools

word prediction tools are great assistive technologies that make it easier for students to communicate with their peers and teachers.


Communicators allows students with learning disabilities to express themselves without having to speak. Many pupils, particularly those who are visually handicapped, hard of hearing or have communication issues can benefit from using communicators. Many types of communicators cater to the specific needs of students.

Be sure to consider the learner’s needs and how they will interact with the device when selecting a communication device. For example, if the student has motor limitations, communicators with larger switches will be beneficial. Alternatively, if the student frequently navigates the school building, they may choose wearable communication devices that allow them to communicate while on the move.

Adapted Music Kit

BACKORDER: Due to global supply chain interruptions, we are not currently taking orders for this item. Please check back as the situation is constantly changing. This bag of tricks includes everything a teacher or therapist needs to help students to meet their physical, psychological, cognitive and social treatment goals.

Communicator Bundle

This complete communication package comes with everything you need to help students’ grow their vocabularies and develop their language skills.

Quick Start Communication Kit

Get classroom communication started with our basic communication kit. These best-selling communicators will make classroom participation and social interaction possible for students with communication challenges.

2 Sided Magnetic Board

This 2 Sided Magnetic Board can be used with either dry erase markers or any sets of magnetic schedule cards to set up either a daily or weekly visual schedule. It consists of 3 6-inch magnetic panels that can be extended and collapsed as needed, and can be hung up or spread across a flat surface.

Bifold Portable Fabric Schedule

This bifold portable fabric schedule attaches to belt/loop with webbing strap. The velcro closure makes for easy opening/closing.

Single 4" Fabric Literacy Strip

This fabric literacy strip attaches to books, allowing hands-on interaction to help promote language and reading skills.

Portable Bi-Fold Communication Folder

This portable bi-fold communication folder is made of velcro-receptive fabric that can be taken on the go and used for communication and choice-making.

Portable Visual Schedule

Organize daily activities for home or school - students can use these Portable Visual Schedules anywhere.This pocket chart features six clear vinyl pockets, 41/4" x 2" each, to help organize a student's schedule for both home and school.

Fall Memory Matching- Visual Memory/Attention/Turn Taking

Fun fall themed memory matching game! Utilize this activity to promote your student's visual memory skills, attention skills, turn taking skills, and ability to follow directions!Great activity to use

Conversation Starter Visual Support Books for Autism

These "Conversation Visual Support Books” provide the visual cues needed for students with Autism to have a conversation about favorite topics. While using these visual supports

Classroom Rules Visuals and Posters for 3K, Pre-K, Preschool & Kindergarten

Classroom rules posters and visuals for your classroom! Perfect for all grades. These classroom rules visuals and posters will help remind your students of classroom rules

Preschool songs with Picture Symbols, Visuals aids for singing w/ toddlers

Music is always my "go to" for my young students! This packet consists of visual aids for four nursery rhymes: 5 Little Monkey's, Old Mac Donald, Itsy Bitsy Spider and 5 Little Ducks.

Math Tools

A range of technology and tools can help students that have trouble with math.

Switch-Adapted Learning Toys

Students, especially younger ones, learn by exploring the world around them. Switch-adapted learning toys enable students with disabilities to learn through play. These toys help learners build communication skills, improve motor development, and practice visual tracking and attention — plus, they benefit cognitive development.


CoreVoice can make any phone or tablet an SGD. It was designed by a speech pathologist to assist a variety of speech needs and the screen-based format allows an impressive amount of flexibility in set up and adaptation for individuals across the ASD spectrum. There are nine pre-made boards built into the app, plus one that can be customized for your particular needs.

FM systems

work using radio broadcast technology. With a transmitter microphone and a receiver, the teacher and student can maintain a consistent sound level regardless of distance and background noise. Additionally, ASHA notes that the hearing aid microphone can be turned off, so the student can concentrate on the teacher alone.

Galagee Pen or

Pencil Weights Kit

Handwriting Aid for Children, Elderly or Special Needs - Assists The Individuals with Dyspraxia, Autism, ADHD, Sensory Integration Issues

Twin Talk Communicator

Students with speech disabilities benefit from communicators, as well. Communicators can be high- or low-tech, depending on the use of electricity and batteries. Low-tech communicators can be as simple as a pen and paper, while high-tech models use electronic communication boards and keyboards to help learners communicate with others via digitized speech.

Word prediction software

can help students think through what they are writing and help with their spelling and grammar at times. Not to mention the software we use every day in word processing that helps us with our spelling and grammar

Supportive e-books

Autism Awareness Centre’s series of introductory e-books are designed to help you quickly assimilate information and strategies that can be applied immediately to home, school or community settings

Freeform database software

Used in conjunction with word processing or other software, this tool allows the user to create and store electronic notes by "jotting down" relevant information of any length and on any subject. He can later retrieve the information by typing any fragment of the original note.


Ginger offers several features that can help students with learning disorders with writing. It is also designed for speakers of languages other than English. Some of the features include:

Grammar checker that analyzes context to determine any errors or misspellings. For instance, Ginger