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Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational therapy program focuses on evaluation and training of gross motor skills...

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Speech Therapy

Our Speech Language pathologist deals with disorders in communication, evaluation...

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Behavioural Therapy

Behaviour therapy is a type of psychotherapy that focuses on changing undesirable behaviours.

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Remedial Education Program

When there is a lack of complete development students struggles to learn.

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Social Skills Training

Socialization is essentially the process of teaching a human being how to live in a world

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Play Therapy

Play therapist uses the therapeutic powers of play to help clients prevent or resolve...

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Sensory Integration

Children with sensory integration dysfunction frequently experience problems...

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Our Physiotherapists work with kids who are diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, Muscular...

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Social Work Department

Jewel Autism Centre has a committed social work department which was started in 2018.

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Department of Clinical Psychology

The department of Clinical Psychology provides a platform to get psychoeducation, assessments and therapy for the child as well as the parent.

Jewel Autism Centre

Autism is not a disease, it’s a condition and they need help for mainstreaming and inclusion in the society’.

Jewel Autism Centre is a multi-speciality therapy clinic founded in 2008 specially designed to bridge the gaps in the developmental history of a child. Our centre offers the best autism treatment in India (Kottayam, Kerala). Interventions for Autism Spectrum Disorders are conducted in the following departments of our centre; Occupational Therapy, Behavioural Therapy, Individual Education Program, Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) Therapy, Child Psychological Services, Speech Therapy etc. We also deal with child developmental issues such as ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), Developmental Delay, Learning Disability (LD) and Down’s syndrome. centre for autism called Jewel Autism Centre, situated in Kottayam Kerala. is one of the best options for autism treatment. what makes this centre special is, all the therapy session held here are 100% transparent. parents can sit with the child during the therapy sessions. they focus more on early intervention(from 1.5 years ). The main services provided here are Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and Special Education.

There was a time when people used to follow psychiatric model of rehabilitation. It was Jewel Autism Centre that introduced the first paediatric occupational therapy department in Kerala and also first complete child development centre in Kerala with all associated departments such as Occupational Therapy, Speech Language Pathology, Special Education, Child Psychology, Social work, ABA, Group therapy and Physiotherapy. It has now grown to be one of the best campuses in India.


Jewel Autism And Child Development Centre, Cheriyapally Hospital Buildings, Ooppoottil Kavala, Chalukunnu, Kottayam - 686001

(+91) 9745 451 747 | (+91) 9846 565 524 | (+91) 9400225922


Research and Publications

  • Kumar, S. & Banerjee, M. Effect of Sensory Integration Therapy on Some Functional Areas of Autism. Indian Journal of Developmental Disability (2014),Vol 2, Number 2, 233-242.

  • Mukherjee, M., Kumar, S. & Banerjee, M. Impact of Sensory Integration Therapy on Sensory Integrative Dysfunction: Towards Freer Movement in Children with Autism. Indian Journal of Developmental Disability 2014, Vol 2, Number 2, 171-181.

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  • Banerjee, M., Kumar, S. &Sengupta, M. (2010).Effect of Different Modes of Neurosensation on the Different Abilities of Autistic Children.A DST Govt of West Bengal Major Rersearch Project 2007-2010.

  • Kumar, S. (2006). Effect of modifying patient preferred spinal movements and alignments in patients with lowback pain. Unpublished Masters Dissertation. Majeedia Hospital, Jamia Hamdard University, New Delhi.

Sensational child

Sensational child is a therapy centre for kids with neurodevelopmental disorder especially autism and delayed development such as cerebral palsy. The centre is equipped with latest therapy materials and assessment tools. The therapists are specialized in the concerned disorders and committed to serve the tender kids with full dedication. It provides services like paediatric occupational therapy, sensory integration therapy, special education, psychological services, behaviour modification, handwriting training, oromotor-chewing training, and functional training.The specialist therapists are certified and expert in the concerned areas of intervention. We monitor the progress report with standardized assessment tools. We set short term and long term goals of the therapy and put our every every effort to achieve it. We do only evidence based practice. We suggest for any referral and purchase only if it is necessary and is in favour of the kid.

Address: 839/1, Block-A, Lake Town, Kolkata- 700089

Phone: 082400 52593 | 098317 42626


82400 52593

Action For Autism, National Centre for Autism

A society that views the interdependence of people OF every ability as valuable and enriching,

and seeks to provide equal opportunities for all

Non-profit organisation

AFA provides Screening and Diagnostic Assessments, Functional Skills Assessments and Occupational and Sensory Assessments.

There is classroom programme, as well as Individualized Educational Programme where special educator works one-on-one with the child.

They do provide training program for parents as well, where any one parent can attend three months training along with the autistic child.

They do give admission to autistics from age of 3 years to 18 years. Recently they started group homes for autistic adults in Gurgaon.


Computer Assisted Early Intervention For Autistic Children In India

The RAFIN Adult Study

A Sibling Mediated Intervention Study

Impact of a friendship based intervention on attitudes towards differences and knowledge of autism amongst college students in Delhi

Evaluation of Early Intervention School Readiness Program

Evaluation of the Parent Child Training Programme (PCTP)

The Professional Awareness Campaign and Research Project

Aap Ki Antara

Translation and Validation Studies

Prevalence Study

Assessment Kit for Autism (AK)

Parents of Children with Autism: Stresses and Strategies


Second floor, No. 27, Market Road, Netkallappa circle,


Bangalore 560004

Landmark: Above United India Insurance

+91 8884886567


At Syncremedies, we have worked with kids with Autism where we have leveraged Ayurveda and Homeopathy to improve their cognitive skills, temperament, etc. Syncremedies in general is an Integrated Medicine firm where we bring together doctors from Allopathy, Ayurveda and Homeopathy to offer holistic treatment plans with Diet, Exercise, Medication and Therapies to ensure overall health and well-being.

Syncremedies is a Health and Wellness service that provides

  • Doctor Consultations (Online and In-Person)

  • Allopathy

  • Ayurveda

  • Homeopathy

Integrated Medicine (Pane of all 3 doctors together- Unique concept in India)

Home Care

Employee Wellness Programs

Through our partners, we offer a host of services such as elderly care programs, nurse and caretaker staff, lab tests, medicine delivery, medical equipment, etc at the convenience of your home

For our Corporate Partners, we engage with employees to assess their risk of having chronic ailments and provide a variety of prevention/wellness programs to help them lead healthier lives.


Autism Treatment



Behavior Problems

Mental retardation

Parental Guidance

Cerebral Palsy

Learning Disabilities

Poor Memory

Down Syndrome

Sensory Processing Disorder

Dr. A. M. Reddy Autism Centre

No. 69-1, 2nd Floor, Park View Enclave, Road No. 1, Near TV5, (Behind Pillar no- C1589) , Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500033

M: +91 7674004000

M: +91 7337440845


Dr. A M REDDY is the founder and director of Dr. Positive Health Sciences, which includes the Dr. A M REDDY Autism Center, Dr. Positive Homeopathy Clinics, and Dr. Positive Dental, all of which provide excellent care to thousands of patients across South India.

Dr. A M REDDY is a renowned Homeopathic physician, who completed his masters from Gulbarga University and has been practicing homeopathy for more than a decade. Driven by the passion to make a difference to the suffering humankind, he visited over 300 villages to understand the health problems and ailments at grass root levels taking homeopathy to them.

Positive Autism thrives to treat kids with neurological disorders like Autism, ADHD, Hyperactivity… permanently with an array of Advanced Immunotherapy treatments.

Our Motto is blessing neurologically challenged kids with the life they truly “deserve”.Our continuous and relentless efforts in pursuing this objective has been highly fruitful with many patients achieving a complete cure for their disorders.

Here are some words of Autistic Kids’ Parents who have expressed their happiness and satisfaction over the treatment availed at Dr. A M Reddy Autism Centre.


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Plexus Neuro Research Centre - Best Dr for Autism in India


089048 42087

Dr Na'eem Sadiq and his team provides a highly specialized treatment for Autism patients. With 500000+ patients treated successfully, Plexus provides the best Autism


Plexus is a hospital and research center for neurological disorders based out of Bangalore and Hyderabad. It is founded by Dr Na’eem Sadiq, who is known for his pathbreaking treatment for neurological conditions. At Plexus, he offers a wide range of services that includes everything from regenerative rehabilitation to outpatient care. Team Plexus is known for enhancing and restoring functional abilities of patients, helping thousands improve their quality of life.

Maintains a track record of accurate diagnosis.

Provides treatment based on the patient’s unique needs.

Supports patients and their families by counseling them.

At Plexus, we are committed to providing advanced treatment to effectively treat a host of chronic diseases. Our comprehensive services such as stem cell therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, traditional chinese medicine, and ozone therapy help treat and rehabilitate patients suffering from neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders. When you choose Plexus, you can expect swift diagnosis, a warm and friendly environment, and thorough treatment — all at an affordable price.

Infrastructure & Facilities at Plexus


He has successfully treated 5,00,000+ patients over the past 32+ years.

Recommends a cost-effective treatment plan.