Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing

We review Assistive Technology for Hearing Impairment in the aspects of sign language, hearing aids, hearing implants, alerting devices, listening systems, CART-Captioning-Interpretation, learning devices, hearing amplifiers, and communication supportive technology.

In every section we start with the general information on the issues and approach of AT, history of development and challenges, then present the available ATs and solutions, and finally conclude with the innovations, research, and future of the respective ATs.

Leading Providers of Hearing Aids, Implants and Devices

The leading Hearing Aids companies with various styles of products and ranges of technologies include (in alphabetical order)

Solutions from Alps


Alps is a leader in hearing technology, and we are devoted to helping you involve, communicate, participate more in what you like to do every day. The combination of expertise in hearing technology and a strong cooperative with the hearing healthcare professionals allows ALPS to make a substantial improvement in the quality of life, especially of individuals with hearing impairment.

ALPS was established in 1980, with its head office at New Delhi, India, with a dedicated team of skilled individuals sharing a common vision – to build and distribute the finest products, while offering outstanding service with integrity and value.

  • ALPS offers a wide variety of styles and technology levels for any type of hearing loss. Products are developed using emphasizing credible evidence to influence design, which means in our clinics we demonstrate the benefits of new technology and features before always fitting somebody with any hearing


Established in 2002, Zhongshan Xiaolan Town Senlan Electronic Factory is a professional manufacturer specialized in all kinds of medical hearing aid, sound amplifier and other health care related products which sets research, development and sales into one.

AXON is our brand which is well known for the hearing aids market

Nucleus® Smart App

Designed specifically for the Cochlear™ Nucleus® 7 and Kanso® 2 Sound Processors, the Nucleus Smart App allows recipients to adjust their sound processor settings across a range of different environments directly from a compatible iPhone® or iPod touch®, or from compatible Android™ devices using the Cochlear Wireless Phone Clip.1

Android, iOs

Cochlear Limited

Cochlear Limited is a global leader in implantable hearing solutions. They have provided more than 600,000 implantable devices, helping people of all ages to lead full and active lives. Their mission is:

  • Help people hear and be heard.

  • Empower people to connect with others and live a full life.

  • Help transform the way people understand and treat hearing loss.

  • Innovate and bring to market a range of implantable hearing solutions that deliver a lifetime of hearing outcomes.

Cochlear Products include

The core of the new sound experience is the SmartSound® iQ technologies, which is designed to help adults and children hear better in any environment. The BI300 delivers a 99% reliability rate, which means that the implant will remain stable for years to come.

  • Cochlear™ Osia® System: A hearing implant reimagined. The discreet and comfortable Cochlear™ Osia® System is designed to perform with an adult or child's body and throughout their life.

The Osia System utilizes humans’ natural ability to conduct sound through bone, helping an adult or child hear speech in difficult, noisy situations1 where people tell us they struggle the most.

    • Osia® 2 Sound Processor: The slim Osia® 2 Sound Processor is discreet, lightweight, and sits off the ear. Simply place it on the head, and an adult or child is ready to go.

    • Osia® implant: The Osia System features a powerful implant that sits entirely under the skin. The active implant includes the Piezo Power™ transducer, which generates sound vibrations.

  • Accessories: Adults and children can get the most from life and all the activities they love with our sound processor accessories.

    • True Wireless™ devices: Some everyday activities present hearing challenges. Our True Wireless™ devices are accessories that can help improve the hearing experience. True Wireless Devices connect to the sound processor using Bluetooth® technology

    • Nucleus® water-safe accessories: Dive into life. Fun in and around water is easy to enjoy with Aqua+ and the Nucleus® sound processor.

    • Keeping your device in place: Adults and children can enjoy the activities they love without worrying about their sound processor by using extra security of the sound processors.